Christian Colon Again

For every Chipper Jones, there are guys like Willie Harris. The Harrises of the world bother you most because they shouldn’t be Mets killers. They shouldn’t bother anyone other than their own team.

The official worst of that group is Christian Colon.

His RBI single in the 12th inning of Game 5 proved to be the series clincher. He came to the Mets in 2018, and he did nothing for them as he stayed in Triple-A all year.

In pure evil fashion, the Reds called him up for this series. He would deliver the go-ahead RBI single in the eighth . . . off a Seth Lugo curve to boot.

We can point to many other things today. The Todd Frazier error. Only two runs of support for Zack Wheeler. Pick whatever you want.

After you get through all that, you once again have Christian Colon effectively ending the Mets World Series dreams. How is that possible?

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  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “After you get through all that, you once again have Christian Colon effectively ending the Mets World Series dreams. How is that possible?”

    —-“…World Series dreams” …?

    And here I’ve been thinking the excitement was all about the Mets getting the chance to get knocked out in the main wildcard round after using up deGrom in the 2nd wildcard playoff game.

    I tend to see the bright side when things are going poorly (and the cloudy side when things are going well; I suppose that’s what comes from being a rationalist at heart), and the one useful part of the Mets failing to make the postseason is that it will accelerate van Wagenen’s eventual departure, or at least not add a line to his resume that provides any sort of argument for re-signing him when his contract’s up after three more seasons. Good God. The worst GM in baseball has three more seasons left to destroy what’s left of the team.

    Wags had a very strong nucleus to work with–deGrom, Alonso, and McNeil, all by themselves, would take an otherwise replacement level team, a 48 win team, into 67 win territory, while the Mets 12 most productive players this season, from deGrom down to Vargas (and all of whom except for Ramos–worth 2 wins–he inherited), provided the nucleus of an 88 win team if surrounded by nothing more than replacement level players, ie 0.0 WAR players. And that doesn’t include the modest producers like JD Davis, Nimmo, Dom Smith, et al, guys who chip in a win here and there and push that 88 win total over 90.

    Not only will the club van Wagenen assembled around the good players he inherited not get to 90 wins, or 88 wins, it will not make the postseason and is now reduced to the 28th best farm system of 30 in MLB according to Baseball America and MLB Pipeline’s ‘prospect points.’

    I’ll total up the list in the offseason, but it’s possible the players Wags chose to acquire did not produce more than 0.0 WAR this year. Ramos and JD Davis might save him from this ignominy, but it’s going to be close.

    Wags spent close to a quarter of a billion dollars in salary commitments this offseason and traded away farm talent that might rank ahead of the talent currently in the Mets farm system, all to get nothing more than what he should have been able to pick up for nothing, the talent that is freely available through the minors and foreign leagues.

    Think about that for a second–the prospects van Wagenen traded away to get the Mets not to the postseason, if surrounded by nothing more than enough non-prospect bodies to take the field, might constitute a farm system superior to what’s left. Those traded away might make up a farm that would rank 25th or 26th.

    Time to bury this corpse?

  2. Patrick OHara says:

    Frazier’s bad day cost us. He had the error. And, stopped playing defense because he thought a hit was foul (which it was); instead of playing it through.
    He redeemed himself somewhat by throwing out what would have been the 4th run for reds in the 8th; $&#[*÷;=;÷ colon for the base hit!
    Many culprits otherwise. Failing to get a man home from 3rd with 1 out… an endless barrage or strikeouts with men in scoring position…
    Today is a stark reminder that this team is BARELY not a playoff team.
    And, that’s maddening. Because, this rotation isn’t playoff nightmare; arguably more so than 2015

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Frazier was also one of the few guys who actually got a hit too

    2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

      The rotation’s not particularly scary, but with five starters ranging from great to adequate it has the depth to go a long way in the postseason. Still, unless there’s an injury to the front 4, Matz would just be another bullpen arm, one whose efficacy is unclear. The leaves Syndergaard, Wheeler, and Stroman behind deGrom. That’s far, far from what the Astros are entering the postseason with.

      Not to mention the FO has already burned out its older players. If they made it to the World Series, somehow, Ramos would catch something like his 160th game of the season. Still, it’s too bad they aren’t getting to the post. Behind an ace and a pretty good rotation they’ve got two great hitters in McNeil and Alonso, three good ones in Conforto, JD Davis, and Nimmo, and three average ones in Ramos, Frazier, and Rosario. It’s a pity the depth and the pen have been so abysmal, since that’s enough front line talent to get to the Series.

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