Mets Significantly Improved With Brad Brach And Joe Panik

This past week the New York Mets could not bring themselves to trust Donnie Hart or Chris Mazza to close out a five run ninth inning lead against the worst team in the National League. There were two opportunities to use them, and the Mets passed each time. More than anything, this was a sign the Mets were 1-2 arms short in the bullpen and something needed to be done.

With Cody Allen, Brad Brach, and Greg Holland available, the Mets opted to sign Brach, who was arguably the best choice of the three.

Yes, Brach has walked an inordinate amount of batters this year. Part of that is the fact Willson Contreras has been one of the wort pitch framers in all of baseball with a -8.5 FRAA. This follows a year in which he was a -15.4 FRAA. Yes, Wilson Ramos has been bad behind the dish, but his -7.1 FRAA is still an improvement. With Ramos being better and Tomas Nido being a good framer, Brach will be getting some help on that front.

More than the walks, Brach still has the ability to get batters out. He has struck out 10.6 per nine which is is best mark since his 2016 All Star season. As noted by Baseball Savant, there are issues like barrels and exit velocity, but there are other factors like his fastball velocity and spin rate which provide hope.

On the hope front, it should be noted Brach had a very similar season last year with his struggling with the Orioles. He was moved to the Braves as the trade deadline, and he turned things back on after the trade. In his 27 games for the Braves, he was 1-2 with a 1.52 ERA, 1.310 WHIP, 3.4 BB/9, and an 8.4 K/9.

Overall, by career ERA, August has historically Brach’s second best month of the season. If that proves true, and his career worst .375 BABIP stabilize (.291 career BABIP), things are really looking up for Brach, and that is before he gets to make adjustments working with Mickey Callaway, Phil Regan, and Ricky Bones.

At a minimum, Brach is another arm to the equation, and he is likely one who will be used unlike Mazza, who is still on the roster, or Hart, who was optioned to Syracuse. Unlike those other two relievers, Brach has Major League success, and with that comes some hope for upside.

The other player the Mets added is Joe Panik, who fills a need a second base with Robinson Cano likely done for the season with a torn hamstring.

Now, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Panik has not been good this year. In fact, this is the worst season of his career by any measure. He has a career worst batting average, SLG, OPS, OPS+, wRC+, and WAR. With his having a -0.4 WAR and a 69 wRC+, you can understand the Giants trading for Scooter Gennett and releasing Panik.

Even with Panik not being good enough for a Giants team who held onto Madison Bumgarner with the hopes of getting a Wild Card spot in Bruce Bochy‘s last season, it does not mean Panik is not an upgrade over what the Mets currently have.

The Mets current second base options are worse than Panik at the plate. Adeiny Hechavarria (62 wRC+) and Luis Guillorme (2 wRC+) have been worse at the plate. You could argue putting Jeff McNeil at second base is a better move, but Juan Lagares (40 wRC+) and Aaron Altherr (-33 wRC+) are probably even worse options than Hechavarria, Guillorme, or Panik.

Arguably, you get more defense at second with Hechavarria (1 DRS) and Guillorme (1 DRS), but Panik is no slouch. He is a former Gold Glove winner, and he has a 0 DRS. Ultimately, when you take the combination of the defense and the bat, Panik is a steadier presence at second.

It should also be noted like with Brach, Panik is historically very good in August with his career triple slash line being better in August than any other month. While it has been just five games, that has proven true so far this year. Overall, Panik finishes seasons well, and the Mets need someone who can finish this season well at second to help propel them into the postseason.

Ultimately, bringing Brach and Panik back home on the roster makes the Mets a significantly improved team. That’s the case even with Brach and Panik not being very good players this year. In some ways, you can treat this as an indictment of the Mets. However, it’s not about that. Right now, the only thing we should care about is the Mets improving. With Brach and Panik, the Mets are improved. With them being improved, they’re in a better position to make the postseason.

0 thoughts on “Mets Significantly Improved With Brad Brach And Joe Panik”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    The usual fact check.. n

    1. Panik, didn’t just suck this year, he sucked last year too. It is there in the stars and everything.

    2. The Cubs pitchers have a better BB/9 than league average, and better than the Mets, so hoping Brach’s salvation will come here due to “pitch framing” is bizarre. And middle relievers don’t get their own personal catchers.

    3. The correct move for second would be to bring up 25 year old Dilson Herrera, who play five positions and has returned to phenom performance in Syracuse with a .859 OPS and 22 home runs.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      None of what you provided was an actual fact check correcting anything false being presented.

      I’d also note on your third point, Rene Rivera has 22 homers with a .817 OPS. As usual, I’d point out you need to stop putting so much emphasis on minor league stats.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Yes. You’ve explained away JD Davis’ 2018 AAA batting title numerous times. He won’t hit big league pitching.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Keep relying on that unsustainable BABIP

          1. David Klein says:

            Keep ignoring that sky high hard hit rate, the fly ball rate being up and his plate discipline improving

          2. metsdaddy says:

            He can’t keep up a .458 BABIP since June 30. It’s impossible

          3. Oldbackstop says:

            HR against Strasburg, double against their closer.

            Get used to it. JD is a Mets starter for a long, long time. Conforto, Alonso and him are devastating.

          4. metsdaddy says:

            As long as he’s on this insane streak he’s got to play.

    2. Gothamist says:

      Wow, Brad Brach analysis ?
      You are ready for MLB Network’s Hot Stove Coverage!

      What do I like about Joe Panik?

      OBP despite his BA
      K/BB/ABATs ratios
      Low GIDPs
      Steady glove and calm demeanor when hitting late in games
      WS experience
      Base running speed
      Local Talent

      What I do not like about Dilson Herrera is that he never did so no to giving him a chance during the stretch run.

      Herrara will be there in three weeks before 8/31 but Panik will not be.

      Brach will not candy up too many HRs!

      1. metsdaddy says:

        If the Mets wanted Herrera, he’d be up here already. Panik is going to be their guy until someone else comes back, and if he plays well, he may stick as the guy.

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