Nationals Offer Kids Free Meals At Games; Mets Should Follow Suit

Grant Paulsen of The Athletic reported the Washington Nationals are now offering free kid’s meals at games to children 12 years old and younger. According to the Nationals website this is a limited time offer from July 22 – September 2.

In order to obtain the free kid’s meal, parents have to go to and go through a free but tedious process. First, you have to link your MLB account to the Nationals Red Carpet Rewards Program. Once you have done that, you then have to register your children for their Nationals Kids Club. Once you have jumped through all of the hoops, the ticket for the kids meal will be available on the MLB Ballpark App.

The kids meal is actually a sufficient meal, especially for younger children. You receive a hot dog with your choice of chips or applesauce and a choice of water or a soda. According to the Nationals, that’s a $17 value. So, if you are bringing a couple of kids to the game, that’s $34 dollars in your pocket.

As a Mets fan, it will be interesting to see if the Mets follow suit here. It should be noted that while the Nationals’ Kids Club is free, the Mets isn’t. That costs either $35 or $55 depending on the level you select. Of course, the Mets Kids Club, or Mr. Met Club does come with “complimentary tickets.” Still, if the Mets can follow the Nationals lead on an inane backpack policy, they should be able to do so here when it comes to making it more affordable to bring kids to the ballpark.

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  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    —16 innings, 10 innings, then yesterday when the Mets still managed to go through 3 relievers. Now Matz is up. Like most Mets experiments, that didn’t last long. Great to see Rivera, Mussina, Edgar, and Halladay inducted. If Halladay goes, it should (won’t, but should) open the door to the likes of Schilling. Has any pitcher ever peaked as late? From ages 34-37 Schilling averaged almost 8 WAR a season.

    “The kids meal is actually a sufficient meal, especially for younger children. You receive a hot dog with your choice of chips or applesauce and a choice of water or a soda. According to the Nationals, that’s a $17 value.”

    —According to the sandwiches we’d bring to the park (anyone who can’t smuggle a sandwich past security…), that’s a 93 cent value. Or just feed one’s kids before the game. Can kids really not eat lunch, go to the park, and not eat again until dinner, or survive at least until they get back to the car and the box of raisins in the glove compartment? Granted, the customary ballpark hotdog is not to be missed, but $17? It’s not a matter of not being able to afford it–it’s just that some things are too offensive (this or, say, the two major political parties) to go unremarked!

    I don’t doubt the Nationals are putting folks through these hoops so as to be able advertise something they’re actually doing as little of as they can. If this was genuine, they’d give kids 12 and under a meal ticket as they pass through the turnstyle, said ticket which would be collected when redeemed at a concession stand.

    1. Gothamist says:

      Harold Baines, a pennant and playoff dynamo….. Mr, September, the man who built Comiskey Park!

      You know when they say a person is smart looking ?
      A step below pretty or handsome ?

      Well Mike Mussina might have been a great pitcher is Baltimore but as a Yankee his stats despite the run support, his stopper credentials never impressed me …. he is the guy I knew would be durable with a long career on a high quality team/organization who I did not wish his persona, box score to be able to fool the writers that he was HOF material. Very disappointed he made it!! As the others are probably pissed!

      My observations

      The the booth director might prefer a traditional approach with few frames of showing the strike zone but I am not a fan at all!

      Do they get charged each time, are the 2/3 ownership cutting cost st SNY?
      When the Mets player an American team before the break they had it up all the time, so do the Cardinals e en the Yankees have it up often.

      With a controversial ball or strike the Met’s broadcast director leaves us hanging and half the time never shows it!!!!!!!!!

      The hacks
      That Alonso might be focused on HR records and if Mets are sellers Alonso should not have the pressure of his increasing overzealous ABATs affecting the team as much.

      That Mc’Neil might be looking to increase his power/pull (like first pitch at All Star game abat) and possibly with stronger lineup protection or any speed behind him his approach might be more relaxed.

      Conforto is opening up his left leg when throwing to a base. If he puts his left foot center he might start throwing the ball on line.

      The bullpen is obviously better with the return of the lefties, Familia’s sinker, yet if you are not going to score late, you have poor speed if not defense, McNeil possibly hitting the August wall, Alonso looking at records, slow CF and LF … I would not be buying.

      With the Giants throwing money at Johnny Cuerto and Jeff Samardzija getting $90 million in 2015 for five years you can expect Zach Wheeler May get Cespedes money from a club like Milwaukee or SD etc.

      If the Mets believe they can replace him quickly in house they are dead wrong. If the Mets will wait until they have more young fireballers with many controllable years it will not start in 2020 with Anthony Kay.

      If they believe they will be willing to pay and guarantee Zach $100 m that should be conveyed before the deadline if they trade Zach or if they keep Zach.

      Everyone but Metsdaddy — if you could have had a mulligan Would you have traded Rosario and Conforto for Realmuto?

      I do not feel enamored to Rosario. He lets relay throws drop in front of him he can step up to catch on a fly, he seems to be concerned of the optics he presents, inward, I seldom see a clutch late inning hit, I have no idea with his arm strength if he can throw as well as Conforto and to play third for he can not excel going to his right can he at third make a deep throw like a laser?

      I watching the great comebacks of 2008 on the rain delay and focused on the pitch selection, location, break and velocities.

      Like Conforto’s HR today, most of Cano’s hits, Dom Smith these are the supposed to pitches that MLB batters are supposed to hit.

      If the Mets were against a great team, against great pitching in a playoff series…. the Mets would not be the favorite… to say it lightly…


      1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

        “Sell” indeed. These Mets are going nowhere near the postseason. They should try to get Wheeler two starts before the deadline, then if he’s back to normal get what they can if it’s better than what they can get when he turns down a QO.

        “Would you have traded Rosario and Conforto for Realmuto?”

        —Probably not. I would have signed Grandal, then signed Ramos as my second choice (but played him in only 100 games and kept Plawecki as his backup with Nido in AAA where he’d be taught to get on base) and if I ended up w Ramos put the difference between YG’s and WR’s salaries towards other positions of need. The problem with Realmuto is that you’re giving up a 3 WAR/season player like Conforto that you control for 3 years at arb prices, plus whatever we figure Rosario’s upside to be–that’s not a great upside, but it’s not negligible. Plus, what’s the alternative? Between Rosario and Giminez you have to hope one turns into a SS, while if you deal away Rosario you’re both putting all your eggs in the Giminez basket AND you’ve got a gaping hole at SS for at least the next 1-2 years.

        Meanwhile, you either get Realmuto for only 2 more seasons, or you probably sign him to an extension that isn’t far off what you’d pay Grandal, ie 3/60m for Realmuto’s age 30 to 32 seasons. Not my idea of an ideal signing. And if you let Realmuto walk after 2020, you’re wide open again at catcher.

        My offseason plan would have involved signing Grandal, Ottavino, Charlie Morton, and Billy Hamilton, plus I would have screwed up by getting David Robertson for my second big bullpen arm. At the time, at 2/23, he looked like a good deal.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      I agree that sandwiches from home are cheaper, but I don’t believe every team allows outside food. As to the Nationals being genuine, if I’m getting a free meal for my kids, I don’t care how genuine the offer was.

  2. Frankie Marcopolis says:

    As a NYer I know too many people looking for something for nothing….
    I take every team’s promo one at a time.
    Who knows, does DC have enough families buying tickets on weekends to drive from Prince George’s country on a hot summer day to downtown ?
    I am not saying make a Harvard Business Case Study out of it but you did not provide me with anything …… except that the Mets charge more and offer a ticket.

    Every promotion has a goal and a ROI.
    Even free tee shirt nights have a sponsor’s name printed on the shirt…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I don’t care how altruistic it is. Fact is people attending Nationals games are getting free meals for their kids. This is a good thing.

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