Marlins Getting Brodie’s Mets Too

Entering the All Star Break, the Mets were 10 games under .500 which was good for the second worst record in the National League. That all but forced Brodie Van Wagenen to admit the National League did come and get his Mets.

For some reason or other, the Mets opted to pitch Jason Vargas coming out of the break. Vargas would pitch like Vargas allowing back-to-back homers to Curtis Granderson and Garrett Cooper in the third helping to turn a 2-0 lead into a 4-2 deficit.

That would be the score as the Vargas and his hat coveted in some form of white powder began the sixth. He couldn’t get an out, and he’d allow an RBI double to Cooper. Robert Gsellman was of no relief allowing a homer to Brian Anderson. When the sixth was finally over, it was 7-2 Marlins.

Since threatening Tim Healey of Newsday, Vargas is 0-2 with a 5.94 ERA. Perhaps like Van Wagenen, Vargas should spend less time challenging others and more time focusing on not being terrible at his job.

Throw in Chris Mazza doing yeoman’s work allowing a run in 1.2 innings and Todd Frazier hitting a meaningless ninth inning two run homer, and the Mets lost 8-4 to the Marlins.

The Mets began a ten game road trip where they could get back into things getting manhandled by the Marlins. We’re running out of things to say about this terrible team.

Game Notes: Wilmer Font was designated for assignment before the game to permit the Mets to call up Mazza.

3 thoughts on “Marlins Getting Brodie’s Mets Too”

  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “We’re running out of things to say about this terrible team.”

    –It is indeed difficult to do anything with this team beyond continuing the autopsy.

    I only just now was able to accept how bad Gsellman has been. His milb career predicted a lack of success (the lack of strikeouts is like a failing grade in your most important subject), and he is now a net-negative producer over his 4 years with the Mets. He is actually, somehow, not just a poor pitcher, but below replacement level. This is the guy who was presumed the team’s 4th best reliever going into 2019, and this season he actually has a better FIP than any Met reliever with more than 5 innings pitched. Despite that, his seasonal bWAR is -0.3, and his career bWAR is -0.1. Hard to say if that shows how bad he is, how bad the Mets pen is or, as is often the case, “both.”

    A basic projection extending each player’s year to date out to a full year shows the 2020 Mets, with their new (and in most cases, dismal) baselines, winning around 72 games next year, assuming the current roster minus Wheeler, Frazier, and Lagares.

    And Wilmer Font was just DFA’ed. Nice pickup, Brodie!

    1. Gothamist says:

      Put Gsellman in long relief.
      Let him get pummeled.
      Sink Ör Swim

      1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

        Yup. Might as well. Hard to see what training him to start in 2020 can cost, either. These Mets can get a lot more use out of a guy who gives them 150 replacement innings than a guy who gives them 60 replacement innings.

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