Trade Worsens: Cano Somehow Worse Than Bruce & Swarzak

When looking at the trade where the Mets acquired Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz, there are already a number of developments to show why this trade was horrible for the Mets.

The most obvious is the respective performances of Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn with both of them shooting up the prospect rankings. That goes double for Kelenic.

There’s also the performance of Cano. By the looks of it, the Mets may not even get one good year from the 36 year old second baseman coming off a PED suspension. Remember, this is just year one of a five year $100 million commitment.

As bad and/or injured as Cano has been, no one could have reasonably predicted he wouldn’t be as good as Jay Bruce has been this year. For that matter, he hasn’t even been as good as Anthony Swarzak. To make it all the worse, the Mariners traded Swarzak to the Braves and Bruce to the Phillies.

Essentially, the end result of the trade is Bruce, Swarzak, and Cano have been working to keep the Mets out of the postseason. That’s well beyond what most assumed would be the reasonably pondered worst case scenario for this trade.

And again, this is just year one of Cano. Mets fans should shudder to see year five . . . and that’s when Dunn and Kelenic should reasonably be contributing at the MLB level.

Not good. Not good at all.

8 thoughts on “Trade Worsens: Cano Somehow Worse Than Bruce & Swarzak”

  1. DaMetsman from Washington State says:

    While there is a lot to agree with in this post, one has to remember that the Mets got the guy who many considered to be the top closer in the game. At the end of the 2018 season, Diaz was certainly in the top 3 in everyone’s book. He hasn’t been as good as last season or his billing, but he’s been pretty darn good. Does that mitigate the rest of the deal? Me thinks not. Getting Diaz and Cano and dumping the salaries of Bruce and Swarzak in no way compensates for the loss of Kelenic and Dunn. The Mariners made the smart play all the way around, especially dumping the Cano contract and then trading off Bruce and Swarzak for more young talent. If both Kelenic and Dunn make it to The Show, the Mariners made out like bandits and the Mets got hosed. On another note… there is something very unsettling about the fact that Cano, Lowry, Frazier, Cespedes, DeGrom, and Syndergaard are all former clients of BVW or his former agency.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Diaz in exchange for Kelenic and Dunn on its own is a horrid deal. Saddling him with Cano makes it worse.

      1. Jiali Chen says:

        No way.
        Any GM who would be close to a flag would ANY DAY do that deal!!!!!!!!!
        Speak to Dombroski or Epstein.

        Yet, because the Mets were assumed to be stuck w Bruce and Swarzak, historically dreadful in dumping contracts that few teams would ever assume in the start — they put themselves in a dreadful place if having to take on Cano.

        The $20 in Cano salary relief, add $24 for Bruce and $7 for Swarzak is actually $51m.

        So conceivably in theory Cano is $120-$51 or $69/5 years.

        Seattle not only had a superior and/or patient GM and thus quickly traded off the “assets” the Mets could not peddle or peddle in the NL East.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          The Mets were not a closer away, and no team is trading two top 100 picks while taking back a five year $100 million commitment to a 36 year old 2B coming off a PED suspension b

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            You continually to act like Diaz wasn’t in the trade.

          2. metsdaddy says:

            There is no closer worth two top 100 prospects and a five year $100 million commitment to a 36 year old 2B coming off a PED suspension

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    I don’t see how this trade got better for Seattle. Swarzak is a FA in three months and they got back a 27 year old OF with a .189 career avg.

    Seattle got back a yellow chip 23 year old prospect still in A ball. They also had to chip in significantly on his remaining contract.

    I don’t see how this makes the Mets trade “worsen”. Bruce is Bruce….even with his early home run tear he would not be replacing McNeil in left, Conforto in right or Alonso at first or Dom behind them. He has had a nice few games with Philly but has below average defensive numbers. He certainly doesn’t make them whole from the loss of McCutch and Herrera, and if it wasn’t Bruce they would have hunted for someone….and that person might be dramatically better.

    The Mets had to give up some blue or light blue prospects. Low minors guys are far from likely plus major league players.

    Obviously Cano is disappointing in this one third of a season, somewhat due to injuries, but there is certainly reason to believe he can be a plus player for three or four more years based on his bubble gum card.

    We would be far in the cellar without Diaz, and Familia would likely be our closer, since the Wilsons weren’t going to pay up for a market price veteran closer. Ponder Familia as our closer.

    It will be a long time before this trade can be analyzed, despite your knee jerk since the day it happened.

    You gotta stop thinking every low minor guy is an all star. Few turn out to be. Diaz is an enormous asset at a cheap 24 year old, and he very well could have been in our division.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Don’t undersell what the Mets gave up to try to make this trade anything other than the disaster it was.

      I’d also note there’s ZERO reason to believe a 36 year old coming off a PED suspension can be a plus player for four years.

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