Tonight’s Mets Win Completely Unexpected

Want to know what type of year it has been for the Mets? Pete Alonso was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple, and on the play, he was awarded home:

That’s right nothing makes sense when it comes to the Mets this year. That said, you have to keep your eyes on them because you never know what’s going to happen next.

Carlos Gomez is hitting .182, and he’s one for his last 16. Naturally, he hits a two run homer off Jon Gray.

A month ago, Todd Frazier looked completely washed up and on the precipice of being designated for assignment, possibly a forced retirement. He’s been the Mets best player since hitting homers and robbing Nolan Arenado of a base hits.

We are constantly told Steven Matz is mentally weak. He battled a tough Rockies lineup and just flat out horrendous work from the Home Plate Umpire Mike Winters to go six strong to put himself in line for the win.

That included his taking the rare step of going a fourth time through the lineup and throwing 120 pitches. That’s really rarified territory for him, and the purportedly mentally weak Matz allowed three runs (two earned) on six hits and two walks while striking out 10. The reason for that is partially due to his having his curve working:

Going back to the home plate umpire, he was REALLY terrible. Just ask Amed Rosario:

Push finally came to shove, and we saw yet another completely unexpected thing. Mickey Callaway was ejected. He argued the awful strike zone and was tossed. Again, this is completely uncharacteristic of him.

Another unexpected development was Daniel Murphy going 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on the night. With him not killing the Mets for once, the Mets had a chance to win.

Ultimately, they did win 5-3 partially because of the one expected thing that did happen. Seth Lugo pitched two scoreless, and Edwin Diaz pitched a scoreless ninth for the save.

Just that like that, for one day, things look good for the Mets. Let’s see if they can get more positive unexpected things to happen in the ensuing days, weeks, and months, to keep it going.

Game Notes: With his 21st homer, Alonso is just five behind Darryl Strawberry‘s rookie record. He’s two behind Christian Yelich for the MLB lead.

10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Mets Win Completely Unexpected”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    I think you are clinically depressed, MD.

    We are only about three out of the second wildcard, and our rotation has looked pretty good behind aces Vargas and deGrom. Lowrie could come back next month or a bit sooner and be another McNeil. The staff is looking hot and going deep into games. We need like a 15 for 20 streak and we are buyers at the break.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s a bizarre overreaction.

    2. Gothamist says:

      Honestly, I would focus on these things, look for your pitch and location especially on first pitch; try to put innings together with four base runners, have no tolerance for DPs w RISP, prioritize lift over hitting for power and to not do ANY VITALLY NEW HABIT for month and forget about it. (Coaching staff)

      They certainly have done it much more this week.

      I believe that Conforto has been the biggest believer.

      Here is to Mikey!

      I like Mike

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    After Cano came off suspension last year he compiled a 3.2 WAR in half a season, which would have been second among Mets position players, behind Nimmo, who is looking like a wild k-ing 4th outfielder who walked a lot one year.

    1. David Klein says:

      Nimmo got hurt ignore his performance in April to mid May

  3. David Klein says:

    We had good Mickey with him bringing Lugo to face the top of the lineup in 7th and bad Mickey pulling Alonso up by just two runs and Alonso’s spot in the lineup coming up in the bottom of the ninth if they got there.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s not a bad thing to lift Alonso for a better defender.

      1. David Klein says:

        Alonso’s defense is fine and he doesn’t need one and taking his potent bat out is imbecilic

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Fine isn’t the same as very good, and you should’ve be worried about a bat when you’re up in the ninth.

          Bw worried about the pitching and defense.

  4. Saul’s Colorist says:

    Hmm, the Mets being two games out of the wildcard? … Cano 3.2WAR after coming off DL in 2018, despite new baseball stellar starting pitching, Nimmo’s season so far not in the equation, late inning defense changes or not, bench, outfield play, team play, SS play, team speed, depth in AAA….


    Optimism is not warranted if you want to believe a return to the WS is possible — next year…

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