Swarzak Is The Difference

Bottom of the seventh. One out. The Mets pulled to within 3-2 after Tomas Nido singled home Todd Frazier. Dominic Smith was the tying run at third base. The Braves went to the bullpen.

Anthony Swarzak entered. He’d allow a pinch hit infield single to J.D. Davis to load the bases. After nearly missing a grand slam, Jeff McNeil struck out. Pete Alonso, who hit a homer earlier in the game, lined out to end the jam.

And that was it.

A series after Jay Bruce beat up on the Mets, Swarzak shut the Mets down. Again, we’re reminded of just how terrible that trade was and how awful Brodie Van Wagenen has been as the General Manager.

The bright side is the Mets bullpen wouldn’t get another chance to blow a lead. Still, even without a lead, Robert Gsellman would have his own bases loaded jam except he gave up a bases clearing double to Johan Camargo to increase the Braves lead to 6-2.

What else is there to say? Jacob deGrom lost a game despite having a quality start. The Mets left seven on base. Amed Rosario had an error. Mostly, the Mets are nine games under .500.

Game Notes: A year after their horrific 5-21 June, the Mets ate so far 9-16.

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  1. Saul’s Colorist says:

    Well, we knew that Sandy did his due diligence on Swarzak, Callaway was all in and Jeff approved the offer to Swarzak.

    Jeff booted out Sandy’s guy Bruce, Blevins, Swarzak, Dunn and Kelenic after booting out Sandy.

    This is on Jeff and no one else!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      At the end of the day, it’s always on Jeff

  2. Saul’s Colorist says:

    I could not watch the entire game.

    Nido is clearly what Plawecki was not and it looks to get much better.
    I did not see all Cano abats or fielding opportunities…. incomplete
    Were there any great throws from the outfielders?
    They got four baserunners on in the 7th, one scored, which is an improvement.

    I am not on board with Gsellman unless there is a large lead either way.
    I never saw him to be able to consistently rise to the occasion against everyone.

    Holding a lead, innings 5-8 I am not excited of what they have…

  3. Mount Shasta Miracle Mets says:

    Mets lose on Saturday, Giants win on Saturday and the Mets are just four games in front of Miami. However, when a team is on a eight game losing streak and just won four of fourteen they are ready to go the other way.

  4. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    From May 16 to June 26 the Mets pitched Gsellman in 19 games over 41 days. As of 1/3 of the way through the season I believe they had Gsellman on pace to pitch more than all but 1 or 2 relievers in the NL. I’m sure Callaway and the FO just can’t understand why Gsellman’s season peaked on May 23rd and he’s had an ERA of 8.79 since then, any more than they can figure out why Gsellman foundered last season.

    The season was over no later than Thursday, and it keeps getting worse. Does Wags have any competition among Mets GMs for worst first offseason?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      There is no competition. While some may want to point to the Worst Team Money Could Buy, the Mets didn’t mortgage the future to build that team.

      1. Jeff’s Weaver says:

        No they did…..very instructive of how they did not have assets necessary to own this team!

        They put Bobby Bonilla on the annual player pay roll for how much a year?
        They HAD just bought out the Doubleday estate, at a time of higher interest rates, could not or chose to not pay him off and now THIS IS THE FUTURE THEY MORTGAGED …. they could have a backup catcher every year ?

        Well w Gsellman, pitch him to a reasonable work load and find out if he is serviceable for next year?

        It is funny how Swarzak hit spots, hit targets, nothing up, no juicy fastballs, low and inside, got to two strikes and threw in the dirt.


        A) Get to two strikes
        B) Throw it in the dirt for you have spotting the lower inside corner on McNeil?

        Do the Braves have a magical mgr, pitching coach, both, was it the GM with the vision, is he involved collaboratively in discussion on getting Swarzak where he is at? IT STARTS WITH OWNERSHIP and a real BASEBALL PRO AT THE TOP

        Swarzak, high ERA in Seattle… what did they see to trade for him, make these adjustments and get an instant effective seventh inning guy?

        I know Markakis is a lefty, Mets had “glut” of outfielders plus Lowry. And, Frazier and McNeil to play two positions but what a stud …. he took cheap money to return… there is a wonderful Greek community here…..

        1. Gothamist says:


          – How many prospects they had to forfeit in that scandal?
          – How many different Presidents of their org in this time?
          – How many GMs?

          How many great prospects, if not looking at perennial AllStars did they acquire since their rebuild?

          The Mets did start their rebuild 4-5 years before, they did have a playoff run, a one year window on pitching and superhuman second half for Cespedes…. yet should 11 years produce this much compared to what the Braves produced in less than half the time?

          Now, I am not no irrational narcissist that says we must be like the top five organizations, going from 25th to 5th…. yet….


          Any dissecting of what Atlanta did with Intl FAs, draft, compensation when they lost FAs, their own FA signings, scouting gems, scrap heap finds? How did this alchemy succeed….. was there a trade for the CF they have on IL with the SS sent out? Was it Simmons?

          What went wrong, how do we reverse engineer the better rosters and just copy them!!

          No original genius but copy the other President led roster revamps!!!

          1. metsdaddy says:

            The biggest thing which went wrong was the Wilpons always look for a short cut.

  5. Jeff’s Weaver says:

    Look at the list of All Stars, too vote getters of players who were just free agents and which ones, diamonds in the rough and highly serviceable, despite being almost written off?

    Why do the Mets always have players filling in every position where they can not grab guys like Donaldson for a year?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Answer is always money

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