Mets Barely Hold On

Lot to digest with this one, so just like in Spaceballs, we’ll go with the short-short version:

Pete Alonso almost pulled off a Tommie Agee in the first off Cardinals starter Michael Wacha:

Home Plate Umpire Brian O’Nora vomited on the field causing a 10 minute delay. Believe it or not, it was not due to having to watch this Mets team play.

Noah Syndergaard pitched well coming off strep throat, and entering the seventh, the Mets were up 8-3. Syndergaard seemed to pull a muscle or something in his leg and had to leave the game.

The Mets bullpen is terrible, and they made an 8-3 game an 8-7 one. Edwin Diaz would need Jeff McNeil to track down a ball which fell between him and Michael Conforto and nail Jack Flaherty at the plate.

That was a really bad send there, but the Mets benefitted. You can call it a bad win all you want, but it’s still a win. Take it and be happy.

Game Notes: Mets have as many wins as they did all last June (5). J.D. Davis had a career day at the plate going 4-for-5 falling a triple short of the cycle.

2 thoughts on “Mets Barely Hold On”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I watched the Cardinal broadcast.
    The strike frame is up always.
    I watch as Edwin Diaz did better getting the pitches down against the lefty, overpower with his FB yet too many times too close to Broadway for comfort.
    He had nice pitches on the perimeter of the strike zone but on others missed very badly.
    This is not the performance of an elite closer in save situations.

    On the last play we all know the obvious that Goldschmidt was on deck, the sample size was too small whether McNeil could throw on line, that Conforto was less than a fifty percent to throw the ball on line at home.

    We know the arms of Frazier and Lagares as bringing confidence then maybe the third base coach made a global guess, the Mets have the worst dee in the NY league, so why not.

    Do we ever expect Conforto to exceed our expectation that he catches that ball on this play or do we expect that he never gets out of the way or is hard of hearing.

    If you never played baseball, or any sport please be careful before replying…. Conforto is not even an average fielder.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Your attacks on Conforto continue to be hilariously wrong.

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