Winning Mets Team Now Just An Off-The-Field Disaster

As if things weren’t bad enough with the Mets after losing five straight to two of the worst teams in baseball, the Mets were a full blown disaster before the game.

Yoenis Cespedes fell into a hole and broke his right ankle. This ensures he’s done for the year, and the team can no longer sell him as a “trade deadline acquisition.”

Seth Lugo was put on the IL with shoulder tendinitis, and he was replaced on the roster by Hector Santiago. To make matters worse, Brodie Van Wagenen tried to sell this as improving the roster.

Robinson Cano was benched for a few reasons with one of them purportedly being disciplinary. The only problem there is Cano said Mickey Callaway never informed him of that.

Speaking of the lineup, for about a week now, the Mets has pinpointed Drew Gagnon as today’s starter only to switch it to Wilmer Font with no explanation.

There’s probably a multitude of things overlooked here but it’s hard to keep track of the Mets drama and incompetence. The one thing we do know is for seemingly the first time in a week, the Mets were better off getting on the field and playing a game.

For the first time in nearly a week, the Mets played well.

In the first inning, Amed Rosario and Pete Alonso homered off Nationals starter Patrick Corbin to give the Mets a 2-0 lead.

That lead grew to 4-0 in the third on a rally started with a Rosario lead-off walk. After a Wilson Ramos two out walk, Todd Frazier hit an RBI single. Carlos Gomez doubled scoring Ramos. It was Gomez’s first hit as a Mets in 12 years.

In the fourth, Font’s luck started running out. He was getting hit hard most of the night, and it would be Anthony Rendon who got the Nationals on the board with a homer. The Nationals rally continued, but Font was able to keep things at 4-2. He’d be done after the four.

Gagnon, who was supposed to start, was very good in two scoreless innings walking one and striking out two. With Font not lasting five and how well he pitched, he was in line for the win. That would become dicey.

After a scoreless seventh, Callaway pushed to see if Jeurys Familia could give him six outs. The answer was four.

Rendon hit a one out double chasing Familia from the game. Callaway went to Daniel Zamora to get the left-handed hitting Juan Soto. Soto would punch a single to center. With Rendon getting an excellent read on the ball, he scored easily.

With Lugo on the IL, this meant Robert Gsellman had to step up and fill Lugo’s role. For a split second, it looked like he failed miserably when Howie Kendrick hit a rocket. Fortunately, it was hit right at Brandon Nimmo in left. Gerardo Parra grounded out weakly to end the jam leaving Edwin Diaz a one run lead to protect in the ninth.

Actually, it was two. Carlos Gomez earned a one out 10 pitch walk against Nationals reliever Joe Ross. Ross would then throw over what seemed to be at least three times that amount. Karma stepped in, and Ross threw it away putting Gomez in scoring position.

After Juan Lagares grounded out moving Gomez to third, the Nationals went to Tony Sipp to get the pinch hitting Dominic Smith. Smith jumped on Sipp’s first pitch for an RBI single giving the Mets a 5-3 lead.

For a moment, it seemed like a crucial insurance run. Diaz hit Victor Robles with his first pitch, and two pitches later Yan Gomes blooped a single. Diaz stepped up, and he made sure Gomes was the last National to reach. Diaz recoded his 11th save, and the Mets live to fight another day.

This was a much needed win for the Mets. They had an inexcusable five game losing streak, and just hours before the game, it seemed like the walls were closing in. Instead, the Mets win, so at least for a day, things are good in Flushing.

Game Notes: Cano made a pinch hitting appearance in the sixth. He hit a double beating out a throw from Adam Eaton. Cano was booed.

0 thoughts on “Winning Mets Team Now Just An Off-The-Field Disaster”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Was Brodie a “Coward” for not doing a post game press conference?

    One did you expect him to say yesterday? Not talking is a message too. If you are firing him you tell him first. If you are wholeheartedly backing him, you say that — we all know he is not. So what headlines exactly did you expect Brodie to stand there and generate? Post game interviews are not some mandatory GM requirement….Brodie does plenty if not too many.

    Cowardice? Dumb comment. Walk it back.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s not dumb to call out a GM for getting out of Dodge to avoid the tough questions.

      Van Wagenen was there, and when he knew the questions were coming, he made sure to be elsewhere.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Today after meeting with Wilson they said they were behind Mickey.

        Most probably yesterday they were figuring out whether they were. Why is it incumbent upon an GM to be cross examined over a personnel decision that is up in the air?

        How exactly do you see the Q and A going, when they were up in the air over Callaway ‘s status?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          The issue isn’t the answers; it’s being available to make them. If you’re a GM in charge of the organization and these decisions, you need to be available and accountable and not fly out so no one can ask you the question

  2. Gothamist says:

    I would not trust Cano so quickly.
    If Callaway is afraid of Cano, afraid to explain, Met fans are really screwed.

    Let it rest please, no psychoanalysis.
    A GM doing a post game conference on a losing team just takes the focus off continuity.
    Everyone screwed up on this one.
    Do not forget that Gable Kapler did not want to come, the young TB GM in making was not interested, the analytics dept was ancient here and they were not going to attract talent or interns who could afford NY living to man it and Old man Wilpon talked down analytics once again and went for a go all out plan vs rebuild.

    If you son brings home on a play date a smelly boy, do not blame the smelly boy blame your son.

    Too little responsibility is ever taken here by the owners here.
    You are playing a game, they always win…. fans lose,

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Bloom wanted the job and was in the final two. I’d also note the Mets had zero interest in Kapler as the manager.

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