Mets Recap Late While We Await The Team To Show Up

Jeff McNeil doubled off Pablo Lopez to start the game. That would be the Mets last hit of the game. Remember, Lopez entered this game with a 5.93 ERA.

There’s no sugar coating it. The Mets flat out didn’t show up, and this is the type of game which gets managers fired. If Mickey Callaway was smart, he’d be reaching out to Terry Francona and his other friends around the game to get his next job lined up sooner rather than later.

Steven Matz was activated off the IL, and he allowed two earned over 3.2 innings. It might as well have been 50 runs because this team wasn’t even going to score one even if Lopez walked three straight, went 3-0 to the batter, and he threw a pitchout.

If you as a fan have a problem with any Mets player, they gave you reason to be more irritated with them. That includes Robinson Cano not hustling after yesterday’s snafu. Todd Frazier and Wilson Ramos struck out two times a piece. List goes on and on.

We could talk about McNeil returning and the bullpen’s great work (Tyler Bashlor, Robert Gsellman, Edwin Diaz), but we’re not. This team didn’t show up, and they were terrible. They deserve nothing good to be said about them.

Game Notes: Paul Sewald was sent to Triple-A to make room for Matz on the roster.

0 thoughts on “Mets Recap Late While We Await The Team To Show Up”

  1. MLB’s#1_Farm says:

    This team may go as far as a table setter can take them and who drives him in.
    So no one gets on and steals bases.
    No short swing contact hitters to drive him home.
    No bunting, no speed….
    Someone has to stir this pot.
    Cano’s w the concussion on Thursday, the 7th and 9th innings on Friday.
    Cano better reinvent himself fast or he will drag this down further.
    They need a speed guy to work out walks, bunt, steal to start something when the bats are not going…
    Yet.. slugging stats….
    We saw what Murph did in crunch time.
    We have nothing remotely close.
    They must accumulate speed….bunt… steal bases…
    Yet with little lineup protection for anyone, no one close to a five tooler and w these position players are so hard to acquire….
    They look to Binghamton and Syracuse, evaluate and then say:
    The Jets look like they really improved in this off season…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The issue with the team isn’t their unwillingness to play small ball.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    Buh bye, Mickey.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      From the initial wave of news, he’s not going anywhere

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