Mets Blogger Roundtable: Which NL East Team Scares You Most?

It has been less than a month, but the Mets have already faced each National League opponent at least once. As anticipated, the Mets beat up on the Marlins. Against the tougher teams in the division, teams the Mets are likely going to battle all year long for the division, the Mets are so far 7-7.

Having seen each of these teams, we have asked the Mets bloggers which National League East team scares them most after having seen them each up close and personal:

Joe Maracic (Loud Egg)

None are scary in April. Until they prove otherwise I think the Nats.

Pete McCarthy (OABT)

None are scary. Still think Nats are best.

Metstradamus (Metstradamus Blog)

Philadelphia … because their lineup is deep and you saw what they did to Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz in Citizens Bank Shoebox. I think in the end their bullpen will keep them from running away from the pack. But that lineup is going to give everybody some problems.

Greg Prince (Faith and Fear in Flushing)

They all looked good in their most recent series versus the Mets, none of which the Mets won. They each deserve to be respected. No point fearing any of them.

Mark Healey (Gotham Baseball)

I agree w Greg, it’s going to be a four-team scrum all year. Mets are just as good, need to make less mistakes.

Tim Ryder (MMO)

Every NL East contender has flaws, the Mets included. I’m not overly concerned with the other teams. I’m more worried about the Mets reaching their full potential as a group. To answer your question, I think Philadelphia poses the biggest threat in the division.

Mets Daddy

While the records say different, it’s the Nationals. They have the most talent in their rotation and their lineup. When it comes to the Phillies and Braves, there is not enough pitching. Surprisingly, the Phillies may be the team which scares me the least because seeing them, you see a heavily flawed team with big personalities (Bryce Harper, Jake Arrieta, Jean Segura) who could tear that clubhouse apart, especially with an overmatched manager like Gabe Kapler.

That said, unless the Mets do something about Jason Vargas and the complete lack of starting pitching depth, it may not matter. To that extent, it may be the Mets who are scariest of all.

Again, thank you to all who have contributed, and once again I encourage all who read this to visit the sites of those who have contributed because they write very good and interesting things about this Mets team.


2 thoughts on “Mets Blogger Roundtable: Which NL East Team Scares You Most?”

  1. Luis Venitucci says:

    Atlanta is the only team who can run away with it. Better and younger overall talent, better manager, but the early pitching injuries may keep them close to the pack

  2. oldbackstop says:

    Philly seems the most likely to write checks when they need it. I think they will be adding talent.

    As a Mets fan, that confuses and baffles me. Mongo just a pawn in the game of life,

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