Stop Counting On Cespedes

Things had gotten so bad for Yoenis Cespedes he asked the Mets to consider moving him to first base. During his rehab assignment before he could only withstand one game as a DH, Cespedes would actually play first base. Whatever Cespedes hoped to accomplish went by the wayside as he pushed for and then had double heel surgery.

Whenever a player undergoes major surgery, the obvious question is when is that player able to play again?

In October, Steven Marcus of Newsday reported, the Mets really have no idea when Cespedes will be able to play again. The important part of the article was, “When asked if he will have to plan the offseason as if Cespedes will not be available, chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon responded, ‘I think you probably do have to plan that way, given the fact that it’s uncertain.'”

In December, that was amended to some point in the second half of the 2019 season. Brodie Van Wagenen would up the ante by saying the team views Cespedes as a trade deadline bonus. Not too long thereafter, Omar Minaya would throw cold water on all of this telling MLB Network Radio the team believes there is no specific timetable, and overall the Mets “just want to get him back, and if he comes back, anything — if he gives us anything this year, that is gravy. We’re happy for that.”

Overall, let’s say Cespedes can return in the second half. His being able to return does not mean he will be able to produce.

Last year, Troy Tulowitzki had similar surgery to remove bone spurs from both of his heels in April. After having the surgery, he would not play during the totality of the 2018 season. He would be released by the Blue Jays after the season despite his being owed $20 million in 2019.

Clearly, the Blue Jays didn’t think he had anything to offer the team. Instead of seeing if he could provide something to flip him to another team, they decided it was just better to release him. They did not even think that if they paid his full salary they could get anything in return.

Yet, somehow, the Mets are going to led us to believe somehow Cespedes is going to contribute in the second half of next year. This is the reason why the Mets are not prioritizing a deficient outfield which includes two very good regulars in Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo and a bunch of bench players.

Juan Lagares is injury prone and has been unable to play a full or even three-quarters of a season. Keon Broxton has not hit. Jeff McNeil is re-learning outfield. J.D. Davis is as slow footed as Dominic Smith is, and there isn’t any Mets fan who is going to believe Smith should be an outfielder next year. After that is a group of has beens and never will bes in Triple-A.

Point is, the Mets cannot sit around and wait for Cespedes. It is the same mistake they made for years with David Wright. The Mets should know better, and as fans, we should know better as well. Overall, it is time Brodie Van Wagenen re-prioritized the outfield because they do not have sufficient depth there, and there is no way of knowing what, if anything, Cespedes can produce next year.

0 thoughts on “Stop Counting On Cespedes”

  1. OldBackstop says:

    You state that the Mets should not depend on Cespedes and then run a spate of quotes saying they are not.

    I’m personally very optimistic on Lagares. Behind him Broxton gives the line elite defense and speed. And I’m surw if neither of them work out Brodie will make a move.

    Conforto and Nimmo are starters, this year and next year. Cespedes is making 29 million bucks. To pay, as you suggested Pollock for multiple years would be irresponsible.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Van Wagenen said he views as a trade deadline pickup, and he said the Mets don’t view the outfield as a priority.

      That’s counting on Cespedes, which is an absurd and unjustifiable position.

      1. OldBackstop says:

        As his doctor you know this?

        Who do you propose they sign who might be sitting the second half of the year? (with McNeil)

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Please advise why we’d expect Cespedes to not only return, but also return to full form after having double heel surgery and effectively not playing for over a year.

  2. OldBackstop says:

    Pollock to Dodgers.

  3. OldBackstop says:

    Well, you have said you don’t want a competition and you want to know the five OFers. I have no problem starting the season Conforto, Nimmo, Lagares, Broxton, McNeil.

    What’s wrong with that?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Third place is what’s wrong with that

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