Mets Need Bryce Harper

The Mets have been quite busy this offseason, and they have improved their roster. Their bullpen now has Edwin Diaz and Jeurys Familia. Robinson Cano is now the everyday second baseman with last year’s revelation, Jeff McNeil, hopefully becoming a super utility player in the ilk of Ben Zobrist. Wilson Ramos replaces an uninspiring group of Travis d’Arnaud, Jose Lobaton, Devin Mesoraco, Tomas Nido, and Kevin Plawecki behind the plate.

All told, the Mets are undoubtedly better. In fact, they have gone from being a 77 win team to Fangraphs projecting they will win 85 games. That’s a big eight game improvement, but when you dig deeper, it’s not enough.

Assuming the projections are correct or reasonable, that 85 win mark puts them six games behind the Nationals, and it has them just two games ahead of the Braves for second place in the division. Moreover, it has the Mets capturing the second Wild Card. It is very difficult to believe the Mets are doing this for just the second Wild Card.

Then again, despite Brodie Van Wagenen’s bravado, the Mets may be lucky to capture that second Wild Card.

First and foremost, you’re relying upon a Braves team who signed Josh Donaldson to win eight fewer games. More than that, you’re relying on the Phillies not going out and making significant additions this offseason.

We know the Phillies owner wants to spend a stupid amount of money. He has reached that threshold, but the Phillies have improved the team. The Carlos Santana trade permits the Phillies to move Rhys Hoskins to first base, which is where he belongs, and they replaced Santana’s disappointing production with Andrew McCutchen. In that Santana trade, the Phillies obtained Jean Segura, who presents a massive offensive and defensive upgrade over what the Phillies had last year.

The Phillies are also rumored to be hot in their pursuit of Manny Machado. It’s possible the Phillies will lose out on him to the Yankees or even the White Sox, who made a trade for his brother-in-law Yonder Alonso. If they lose out on him, you can guarantee they will be even more dogged in their pursuit of Bryce Harper. Either player is a game changer.

At a minimum, that makes the Phillies more of a player in the division, and it makes the Mets efforts to win the division or to even capture one of the Wild Card spots all the more difficult. Even the most ardent believer in what the Mets have done this offseason has to admit Machado or Harper on the Phillies severely complicates matters.

If nothing else, this is why the Mets have to stop it from happening. We know they will not be in on Machado, but there they can let the Yankees do their dirty work, but when it comes to Harper, they are going to have to do their own heavy lifting. They are going to have step up and try to sign Harper much in the same way they stepped up and gave up Jarred Kelenic to ensure Diaz did not go to the Phillies.

An outfield of Michael ConfortoBrandon NimmoBryce Harper would be among the best in baseball. For those wringing their hands over Yoenis Cespedes, both Harper and Cespedes have indicated this past year they would be willing to move to first base. Then again, no one should be counting on Cespedes to return at any point in 2019 let alone be the type of player again who can force anyone to the bench.

More than anything, Harper is one of the best players in baseball, and he’s just only 26. He’s one of the more recognizable players in the game, and he could have a Mike Piazza like impact on the field, with attendance, and on the back pages. He could be the next Carlos Beltran. With his talent anything is possible, including not just one but multiple World Series titles.

The main point here is the Mets are far from done building this team into a World Series contender. The same goes for the rest of the division including the Phillies. One team is going to be willing to do everything it takes to win. For the first time in over a decade, it would be nice if that team was once again the Mets.

Sign Harper.

25 thoughts on “Mets Need Bryce Harper”

  1. Five Star Ownership says:


    How would that effect the August roster and payroll 2019 and 2021
    Assuming they resign Wheeler and give Jake a $30m a year deal?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      They need to put on their big boy pants and figure it out

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Is that not why we post our opinions?
        Where we can play GM?


        Here goes….

        $200 m + payroll for years to come…

        The time the Mets should have just bit the bullet was when Joe Maddon was in between TB and the Cubs

        How would I make Harper happen?

        Before I go there…
        Didn’t post season Harper have loads of line up protection in years past?

        Ok, how do I figure out who to move:

        Lagares makes $9.5 m, last year on his deal.
        I have no problem with him as a fourth outfielder but what is plan B in AAA Syracuse if he gets hurt?

        Is Travis a fourth outfielder in training and is Tom Nido a backup catcher in waiting at AAA,

        Let us say yes… so Juany stays…

        We have three outfielder positions.

        Let us say Harper is right field, Nimmo is our table setter that leaves Conforto as out!

        So in preparation of announcing the Harper signing I hit the phone and get my best deal for Conforto or I trade Alonso and shift Conforto to first.

        I ain’t trading Nimmo for anyone but a leadoff man.
        I ain’t losing his exuberance
        I ain’t losing his connection with the fans either…

        If I get Harper and sign Moustakis then I am not going to regret uppercut lefty bat Conforto going elsewhere.

        However I do not want either Nimmo or Conforto (he used to be much better but nerves have him throwing off line now) throwing to any base in a playoff game!!

        I would cringe

        Opening Day

        Nimmo Harper Lagares


        Cespedes Nimmo Harper

        1. Five Tool Ownership says:

          I never wanted Harper…

          On the another hand, a guy who wins World Series vs first round exiter like Harper, start with Ian Kinsler or the target of the coupons and Sandy after 2015, Ben Zobrist

          I would put my money into David Robertson.

          Harper…. you never convinced me of why…


        2. metsdaddy says:

          I’m intrigued by Conforto moving to first

          1. Five Tool Ownership says:

            I want defense and would consider him part time for he is right handed.

            Yet, he may not have the skills of an infielder?

            I have no info on that, whatsoever…

            But are there lots of lefty throwing first baseman?

            Whatever happpened to Dom Smith after year one in Vegas?

            Is he just not disciplined or consistent with his professionalism?

          2. metsdaddy says:

            Conforto is a very good OF

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:


    How would that effect the August roster and payroll 2019 and 2021
    Assuming they resign Wheeler and give Jake a $30m a year deal?

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Cespesdes is adios after 2020?
    Saving $27.5
    But others head into arbitration or pre free agency long term deals?
    Do they remotely target Realmuto when he is a free agent in 2021.
    When does Conforto become FA?
    Matz, Noah….?
    I would do an Excel spreadsheet with columns for the years…
    Would you sign a FA relief pitcher for 2019?

  4. OldBackstop says:

    1. He’s a jerk. 2. He would take something like 10/300. 3. We have Canos contract for 5 more years. 4. During that time I would hope the Coupons extend Jake and Noah, putting about 100 mil for four players in 2022. 5. His dWAR last year was a stunning minus 3.2. The Mets haven’t had a player under minus 1.5 in years. 6. The Coupons aren’t ever taking a contract of more than five guaranteed years. Ever. It’s not going to happen. 7. We would need to also sign Papelbon, and I’m not sure he is even playing.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      He’s a 26 year old superstar entering his prime

  5. OldBackstop says:

    Remind me why a guy who hit .249 this year, had a *stunning* minus 3.2 WAR, and compiled only 13 SBs and 34 hrs in a huge 695 plate appearance year is worth, given the Coupon’s wallet, literally betting the team on for the next decade? Plus he is a head case with a minus 1 million on the Q scale. How about we find someone who can field and hit for average and steal some bases to give a quarter of a billion dollars to?

    Anyway, next, stupid thread, will never ever ever happen.

    1. OldBackstop says:

      Edit: -3.2 dWAR

    2. Five Tool Ownership says:

      Grégor Blanco, seriously?
      Righty bat? No
      Plus defensive outfielder? He does cover CF

      Outfield assist wise, he will not be the 2019 version of Met legend Melvin Mora of the1999 post season.

      The guy had zero outfield assists last year.

      He does not seem to qualify to be a complete late inning defensive replacement when teams are being aggressive on the base paths.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Blanco is a minor league deal. Don’t get worked up about it

    3. metsdaddy says:

      Because he’s a career .279/.388/.512 hitter who is not yet in his prime, and he’s a ballpark draw

      1. OldBackstop says:

        You can’t just look ar chronological age. Harper has played seven years, and had one phenomenal year, 2015. Since then his WAR production has been on par with Conforto and Nimmo…..way under them, actually, if you look at actual playing time. Since 2015, Harper only he has totalled 7.5 in WAR, vs 7.1 for Conforto and 5.1 for Nimmo.

        Since 2015 Harper has batted .267. He was third in the league in strikeouts last year.

        If you take out 2015, his other years are not showstoppers. He has batted below .250 twice. The last three years he is more like Jay Bruce than Joe DiMaggio….

        And I dont get the ballpark draw comment at all. He is not a beloved character, he says and does stupid things and is an ugly mofo. We have plenty of fan favorites like Thor, deGrom, Conforto, Nimmo, and now some more star power with Cano. If you want to spend 300 mil to sell seats you be better served giving away free tix.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          If a down season is what Harper put up last year, you sign up for that every day of the week

          1. OldBackstop says:

            Okay, if you admire is .247 ba, 1.3 WAR, minus 3.2 dWAR, 3rd in Ks 2018, is it really worth 10/$30 m ?

          2. metsdaddy says:

            That’s one season.

          3. OldBackstop says:

            It was obe season, but it was LAST season. And it was very similar to his 2016 as well, when he hit .243 with a negative dWAR. He has a negative career dWAR. In seven seasons, he has two years with more than 30 home runs and no seasons in his career with more than 100 RBIs. None.

            In fact, look at his career power numbers compared to the despised Jay Bruce. Since Harper came into the league, Bruce has 5 seasons with more than 28 home runs, to Harpers two. Bruce has five career seasons with more than 100 rbis, Harper, zero.

            Superstars have seasons batting over .250, with more than 30 HRs, and with more than 100 rbis, and field their piaition at least averagely. Since 2015, Harper hasn’t done that.

            Do you realize how bad a -3.2 WAR is? That is three losses compared to a high AAA replacenent player. And these are Harper’s sprite fast years. He needs a team where he can slot as a DH if he is looking for anything more than four years.

          4. OldBackstop says:

            Edit: -3.2 dWAR

  6. Five Tool Ownership says:

    These fringe outfield signings?

    I hope they are still looking at Mostakas, a reliever

    IF NOT MARKAKIS !!!!!!


    The Coupons can have a huge bump up in sales to Greek fans?

    Those signings may telegraph that Lagares will be moved soon and Mets eating $2-$4m..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I didn’t know there was a large enough Greek baseball fan contingent in New York to make Moustakas a financial win-win

    2. OldBackstop says:

      The minor league deals are just for bodies….we are thin in OFers w/o YoC and nobody on the farm. Somebody has to play in all those split squad Florida games…

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