Angel Hernandez Is A Terrible Umpire

For some reason, despite his being a horrendous umpire, Angel Hernandez was part of the umpiring crew for the Yankees-Red Sox ALDS.

In a pivotal Game 3, Hernandez was the first base umpire. Hilarity ensued:

As it turned out, Didi Gregorius was out, not safe:

Gleyber Torres was safe, not out:

There must be something about Didi because Hernandez was wrong again:

Yes, Luke Voit was ruled safe on replay, but looking at it again, this was probably more due to this being too close to overturn than Hernandez being correct.

In total, four calls were challenged, and three were overturned.

Aaron Boone, Luis Severino, and Lance Lynn do owe Hernandez a bit of gratitude as he has overshadowed how bad they were.

Hopefully, MLB just replays this game as Exhibit A as part of their defense against the discrimination lawsuit instituted by Hernandez against MLB. Really, how Hernandez can be permitted to continue being this terrible an umpire is beyond comprehension.

Certainly, in response to the very real threat Hernandez threats to the integrity of the game, Manfred is going to go out and push a pitch clock. That’ll just be great news to everyone – giving Hernandez ammunition to interfere more in the game and throw out more people who don’t deserve it.

Good luck to CC Sabathia and Rick Porcello tomorrow with Hernandez moving behind the plate.

One thought on “Angel Hernandez Is A Terrible Umpire”

  1. Geoffrey Holland says:

    What a Gong Show that umpire is. He is probably the worst I’ve ever seen in the fact that he’s in the postseason is a joke

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