Wheeler Dominates And Gets aWin.

This is exactly the way the Mets are supposed to play things over the final two months of the season. Sure, it’s easy to say that after a 3-0 win, but even if the Mets fell behind or lost the lead, they did he right thing.

Zack Wheeler, who the Mets were right to hold onto at the trade deadline, once again showed the Mets he’s turned a corner.

Over seven shutout innings, Wheeler linter a Braves team who had the third highest batting average in the majors and the fourth most runs in the National League to just three hits and one walk.

Really, Wheeler dominated from the jump with him striking out the side in the first, which would set the tone for a none strike out night. Overall, only one Brave would even reach second against Wheeler.

That was Freddie Freeman with a leadoff double to start the seventh. Wheeler responded by getting three quick outs.

With this not being a Jacob deGrom start, Wheeler would get the run support he would need to get the win.

The first run, and really only run needed came in the second when new Brave Kevin Gausman hit Todd Frazier. He’d quickly move to third on a Jeff McNeil double.

Overall, McNeil was a perfect 4-for-4 as he raised his batting average from .190 to .320.

The Mets mostly squandered the two on no out situation, but Amed Rosario was still able to get Frazier home on a fielder’s choice to give the Mets a 1-0 lead.

Once again, it was Frazier and McNeil getting things started. They’d follow a Michael Conforto sixth inning leadoff single with consecutive singles to both load the bases and chase Gausman.

Austin Jackson hit one off the reliever Shane Carle for an RBI leadoff single. Kevin Plawecki brought the next run home with a sacrifice fly.

Once again, it was an opportunity largely squandered, but the Mets did enough to get a 3-0 lead.

Surprisingly, Mickey Callaway would tab Bobby Wahl for the eighth. He’d get into some trouble, but he worked around it to get the ball to Robert Gsellman.

Gsellman for the ninth is an inspired move as it lets you know if he could be part of the later inning bullpen mix.

Well, tonight, Gsellman was up for the challenge much loot McNeil was just for almost the full night.

Overall, the Mets have young players and a chance to play them. For tonight, it worked.

8 thoughts on “Wheeler Dominates And Gets aWin.”

  1. Gothamist says:

    McNeil got four hits, Plawecki cashed in his 12th RBI, Austin Jackson looked very competent, Conforto was in grove and we are still being extremely patient with Rosario if not Nimmo. Like Flores they are under thirty w Rosario a little older than the youngest MLB Brave contributors.

    I do get that Flores, Plawecki and McNeil are out youngsters but they are not so young and only McNeil is a rookie…. Wahl is 26….the Mets want to showcase him as the return for the Familia trade, or not?

    Rosarios folks are both attorneys and dad a Judge…. He does not seem deliberate as expected by me at the plate.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Flores, McNeil, Plawecki, and Wahl are under 30, still under team control, and still have not entered their prime


    Wahl and McNeil will be 27 next spring and Plawecki will be 28.
    The Mets are looking to win now as a step into next year.
    They are not in rebuild nor can be until the farm is stacked and the farmhands are getting extensive annual experience participating in minor league playoffs.
    They will rely on strong starters, having a deep pen backed up in next year’s AAA club in Syracuse. They need a new hitting coach who should focus on late rallies one run games.

    They are looking to win every game and if Reyes hits, he will play more.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Minor league playoffs are about a week. You’re not getting extensive experience being in them.

  3. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Familia is not even the setup man?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s one game. Draw no conclusions from one game


    “The Tigers have made their second minor deal of the day, this time acquiring righty Eric Villanueva from the Mets in exchange for cash considerations,“

    July and August is about reducing expenses and shoring up the balance sheet to sign Manny Machado!

    Cash is king!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Eric Villanueva was a candidate to be released. Instead of just releasing him, the Mets got something for him instead.

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