Milone Dominates Mets – Yes, It’s That Milone

Thought last night’s 25-4 loss was bad? Well, despite it technically being the worst loss in franchise history, today’s game might have been worse.

Tommy Milone, who had a Jason Vargas-esque 8.36 ERA in 11 starts for the Mets last year, struck out nine Mets today while limiting them to one run on three hits.

At least, yesterday’s loss could be attributed to Steven Matz having a dead arm which was later more accurately described as firearm tightness. After that, some young Mets got a chance and struggled.

Moreover, the Mets were beaten by a credible MLB pitcher in Tanner Roark.

Today, none of those factors were present.

Instead, Noah Syndergaard, who initially struggled in his first start back from coxsackie, had no chance to win despite his allowing just three earned over seven innings.

As if things weren’t depressing enough, two of the three Mets runs were delivered by Jose Reyes, who homered from both sides of the plate today. Knowing the Wilpons, this will mean a 2-3 year contract extension for Reyes.

Speaking of Reyes, both and Wilmer Flores threw balls away leading to two unearned runs in the eighth. Coincidentally, Flores hit a ninth inning homer to provide the Mets other run.

In the end, it was a 5-3 loss, and really, the game wasn’t as close as the score indicates.

Game Notes: Reyes came into the game in the second for Phillip Evans, who departed after Adam Eaton took him out on a slide attempting to break up a double play in the first.

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  1. Gothamist says:

    I have come to look at Austin Jackson’s drop in assists and increase in strikouts and I see him this way.

    He will have good range, good glove, glide and grace in the outfield.

    But the athleticism is almost entirely gone.

    He will bring more fans, his name is recognizable, he was traded for Grandy last decade but he will bring no value whatsoever.

    Austin Jackson is a nice guy.

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