Mets Fans Should Not Want Alonso Called Up

Last night’s starting lineup had Jose Bautista, Jose Reyes, Austin Jackson, and Devin Mesoraco in it while Wilmer Flores, Luis Guillorme, Jeff McNeil, and Kevin Plawecki sat.

This isn’t really an anomaly as the aforementioned 30+ year old veterans on expiring deals have been getting regular playing time over the younger players.

Earlier this season, Dominic Smith was up with the Mets for a 31 game stretch. The 23 year old former first round pick started in just 16 of those games. During this time, Mickey Callaway described Smith as a bench player.

That’s better than what Guillorme got. Despite his not getting a chance to ever really prove himself, he was described as a pinch hitter and late inning replacement who should not be getting starts the rest of the year. Naturally, this was said on a day Reyes got a start at second.

Seeing how the Mets don’t play the young players when they’re here on how they seemingly go out of their way to disparage those players, as a fan, ask yourself why you would want Peter Alonso called up right now.

Do you want to see him on the bench behind Bautista, or in the event be actually does manage to return this year, Jay Bruce?

Do you want to see him get benched for failing to scoop out a Reyes throw in the dirt leading to his eventual (punishment) benching?

Do you want to see him sit and have the team refer to him as a late inning power threat off the bench?

Judging from what we’ve seen this year and the last, we know that’s what’s going to happen to Alonso.

With that in mind, again ask yourself, do you really want to see the Mets call up Alonso this year?

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  1. OldBackstop says:

    Dominic Smith has shown nothing. He has batted .193 in the majors and has a .706 OPS at Las Vegas this year. He is a 6:0 guy who can’t jump. He is a singles hitter who can’t run when he gets on base.

    You seem to think bringing up kids who can sit through two months of brutal defeats would be good for their career. Guillorme, Smith look like 0.0 WAR career guys to me at best. Wilmer, McNeil and Plawecki are getting plenty of starts, although sticking Plawecki behind the plate spitting in the face of our recovering pitching. His last start Thursday he gave up three stolen bases and dropped a pop up.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s better to play kids and let them receive MLB coaching than continuing to trot out players who will not be part of the equation in either 2019 or the next

  2. OldBackstop says:

    I don’t understand at all your defense of Dominic Smith. He got sent down after a 1 for 21 streak, and Callaway commented he looked indecisive in the field. He had 17 starts this year, and he had ten hits. They sent him down to try to learn the outfield and save his career given Alonso progress.

    He turned 23 in June and has had severe issues with whether he will be a professional athlete, with his weight ballooning up to 260. Athletes are supposed to battle weight at 28, if you are doing it at 20 there is a real problem. He is only 6’0″….how many first base prospects are 6’0″ with little chance of moving left on the spectrum? The Mets already have enough crappy fielding outfielders.

    If some team wants Smith, get him outta here. Any vet can be shifted over there…Wilmer, Bruce, Frazier, Plawecki, D’Arnaud, supposedly Cespedes. We don’t need a fat short prospect.

    Personally, I would pen Wilmer in at first, give Alonso some time to see if he can hit for average, and move concern energy elsewhere.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Dom is a 23 year old first round pick who is getting pushed by Alonso. You need to find out about him before moving on.

      This team is in last place. There’s no excuse.

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