Mets Failure To Make Trades Leaves Vets Blocking Promising Younger Players

Looking over the Mets roster, Jose Bautista, Jerry Blevins, Devin Mesoraco, and Jose Reyes are all veterans who are over 30 and have expiring contracts.

When you consider, the Mets added Austin Jackson to the mix, that’s five 30 year old players on expiring deals who were not moved at the trade deadline.

The issue isn’t just the Mets inability to get something, anything for these players. It’s the fact these players can and will stand in the way of a younger player.

Looking over this roster, there is no reason why Luis Guillorme and Jeff McNeil aren’t in the lineup everyday. Until Todd Frazier returns, the Mets have second, third, and left to use to figure out playing time.

Speaking of which, the Mets still have both Dominic Smith and Peter Alonso in Triple-A. It’s truly bizarre that neither one of them are up here now, especially with Smith’s purported ability to now play left field.

With McNeil’s, Guillorme’s, Smith’s, and Wilmer Floresversatility, the Mets have the ability to find playing time for everyone. With that versatility, we can not only see who’s ready to contribute at the Major League level, but also who’s a real part of the Mets future.

Instead, we’re going to see way too much of Bautista, Jackson, and Mesoraco in the starting lineup than is warranted for a team this many games under .500. We may very well see a game where they play on the same day as Reyes and Blevins.

Certainly, there are better odds of this happening than seeing an infield of Flores-Guillorme-Amed Rosario-McNeil with Smith in left. That’s before we even consider Alonso.

That’s not how you properly play out the string, and it’s a reason why the Mets are who they are and perennially winning teams are what they are.

0 thoughts on “Mets Failure To Make Trades Leaves Vets Blocking Promising Younger Players”

  1. OldBackstop says:

    You really think we should just become a AAA team for another half season? Those guys will all be up here and they can get plenty of time in, plus have veteran leadership.

    While you might think youth would serve, a guy like Alonso has probably never played much more than 100 games in a year. Dom Smith was clearly out of gas last year.

    Plus the guys you listed can all drift through waivers and be traded tomorrow.

    I think we should put a real team out there and see if this can be a winning team next year. I’d rather re-sign a Mesoraco than be depending on those kids next year.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I don’t think this should be a Triple-A team. Rather, I want to use the time to evaluate players to see who is a part of the puzzle going forward.

      I want to see Wilmer continue playing everyday to see if this is what he really is at the plate.

      I want to see if Jeff McNeil can be the answer at 2B.

      I want to see Plawecki catch everyday.

      I want Dom in the lineup everyday to see if he can hit MLB pitching.

      I want the young arms in big spots and Oswalt in the rotation.

      And yes, I don’t mind seeing if Austin Jackson can be a fifth OF next year.

      Other than that, Mesoraco is bad. Vargas is worse. Reyes needs to be shot into the sun.

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