Brandon Nimmo Should Be Playing Tonight

Each and every year, there are a number of notable All Star snubs.  While some would argue it’s attributable to the every team represented rule, it’s really a function of how many good players there are in Major League Baseball.  Mostly, it’s a function of some really bad decisions by people who are supposed to know better.  For example, look at the players who were selected as outfielders for the National League:

Two things should be immediately noted: (1) none of these players were their team’s lone representative for the All Star Game; and (2) each one of these players were selected by either fan or player vote.

When looking over this list, immediately Blackmon jumps off the page as undeserving.  Harper is probably close to it, but with his track record, the game being played in D.C., and his being elected via the fan vote, you can certainly understand why he was an All Star this year.

What isn’t as understandable is why Brandon Nimmo isn’t an All Star.

At the close of the first half of the season, Nimmo is the National League leader in wRC+ (137) meaning he was the best offensive outfielder in the National League.

His 2.4 WAR puts him above everyone except Cain, Markakis, and Yelich.  Although it should be noted if we used fWAR instead of bWAR for the analysis, Nimmo would be ahead of Yelich.

More than that, Nimmo is a player from the largest market in the country who is an eminently marketable player.

Nimmo is a guy who is always hustling, and he does everything with a smile on his face.  No matter the score, Nimmo gives an honest effort on the field.  It’s a large reason why Mets fans adore him.  If he was exposed to a larger audience, other fanbases would get a chance so see him, appreciate him, and adore him as well.

And you know with how lazy national broadcasts are, they would go on and on about Nimmo whenever he entered the game.  There would be discussions about how he’s always smiling, he sprints around the bases on a walk or homer faster than most players do on a double, and his pointing to the heavens after a walk.  Again, marketing him is easy.

In the end, Nimmo and Mets fans lost out on his being an All Star snub.  Mostly, baseball missed out on a guy who is everything that is right about the sport.  They missed out on an opportunity to market a guy who has had a smile that has lit up the entire city of New York.


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  1. OldBackstop says:


    I am not a fan of the “best for the last 90 days All Star Game” at all. I’d be happier if the game looked more like an Oldtimers game and you could see legends playing.

    I love Nimmo, of course, but……he is hitting .253, and he has a total of 511 major league at bats.

    He has a good glove in CF, but is he even the third best on the Mets? (den Dekker and Lagares)

    Nimmo has the X Factor and the aw shucks thing going, and he can pick a walk like a champ. His 13 HRs are surprising. His 7 SBs are about what I would expect, and that is not eye catching in a guy slotting lead off.

    Let’s not forget, through 30 games, Lagares was hitting .339 with the usual leather. If Bruce, Cespedes and Conforto were just having average healthy years, Nimmo would be our fifth OF.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Nimmo has been the best hitter in the NL in 2018. It’s the 2018 All Star Game.

      I’m not sure what the argument is to keep him out of it.

      1. OldBackstop says:

        2018 is a bit over half way over.

        Besides, best hitter in the NL….come on. If you were picking a DH for your team, it would be Brandon Nimmo? Not Arenado or Albies or….15 other guys with real power and speed?

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Red Sox signed a Cuban and was traded for Sale.
    Dodgers signed a Cuban who was traded for Machado.
    If SNY 67% owned by Katz/Wilpon paid market or $80m annually for 52% owned by Katz/Wilpon Mets local TV rights in the last three years there would be $100m extra cash…

    67% of $100
    52% of $100

    $15 million for the Wilpon/Katz families…

    Then they fired the GM!

    No wonder why the 12 x 4% owners can not find a single buyer!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s not like Cuban players are at the ready, and last time I checked the Mets have a Cuban player

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