A Mets Problem

I had a previously scheduled event at the precise time as first pitch yesterday. With the Mets 16 games under .500, that should not have been an issue. And yet, I couldn’t help but follow the game on my phone.

I was pumped when I saw the 7-0 led propelled by a Michael Conforto three run homer:

I got annoyed when I noticed Jose Reyes delivered a key hit fully knowing it would mean six more weeks without Jeff McNeil.

I was once again excited about how far Zack Wheeler has come, even with him allowing a homer to Matt Adams.

I then lamented how Wheeler may soon join Matt Harvey as an ex-Met as this dream rotation is dismantled before it really ever got off the ground.

The Mets bullpen, especially Anthony Swarzak for one-third of an inning, and Jeurys Familia held on. As for Familia, he’s great again in time to leave.

In the end, really, I write about the Mets because I love this team no matter how bad they are and no matter how awful ownership is.

2 thoughts on “A Mets Problem”

  1. Blu2MileHigh says:

    I really wish that Conforto was more of a contact hitter (especially when trailing) and I am starting to think of sending him to a team with a packed lineup for his uppercut swing. Tired of his uppercut and I am completely disinterested in watching him play and his smirks twenty times a year when he hits a dinger. Boorish…

    What is his season and career WAR?

    If Zack Wheeler is improving, if the Mets will go for it next year would it be wise to do it with Zack as your #4 starter?

    What a shame how we go from 2015 and how Harvey is pitching like an AllStar with his approach working over the team’s since May?

    Who do most fans what to watch at the plate?

    Now that teams have scouted Nimmo, he needs to hit his next gear and that may mean next spring.

    I think of no one.

    Unless two players consistently get on base infront of Bruce and Cespedes in Sept and even them back from injury will just seem be going backwards to a team that did its best in 2016 and it will not be about going forward.

    I would not want to go to war with Cespedes!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The problem with Conforto was he had no time to prepare for the season

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