Where Do The Mets Get Off Giving Away deGrom Gnomes?

Back in 2015, the New York Mets had a promotion to give away Jacob deGrom Garden Gnomes. As noted in an MMO article on the topic, this was a hot ticket item as nearly 40,000 fans showed up for the giveaway.

The problem was the Mets only gave away 15,000 garden gnomes meaning that even if you showed up to the gates an hour early, well before most fans arrive for a normal game, you were out of luck:

For some reason, the Mets won’t give away 40,000 of hot ticket items like this even with them knowing they are filling the park. As an aside, they make sure to have enough for every media member.

That aside, the Mets are more than willing to ruin a child’s experience at a game because they won’t spend the extra few bucks (absent a sponsor – $3/fan) to make sure everyone gets one, and maybe like the Brewers, order extras to bring to schools and other charitable events.

If you’re not infuriated enough, consider this: THE METS STILL HAVE LEFTOVER DEGROM GNOMES!!!!!

That’s right, despite “only having 15,000” leaving roughly 25,000 fans without a gnome, the Mets have one, and they’re giving it away:

Really, just when you think this franchise can’t sink any lower and can’t be any more insulting, they find a way.

If you spent the money, you weren’t guaranteed a gnome not just because the Mets didn’t order enough, but because they also held one back to give away on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Where Do The Mets Get Off Giving Away deGrom Gnomes?”

  1. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Limiting the gnomes means fans have to enter earlierabd buy more hot dogs.
    If you are guranteed a gnome sime fans arrive up to two hours later and beer sales are much much lower.

    If the Mets laid out the money on the 15,001 – 40,000 the sponsors name is removed and the value of those gnomes soars.

    Who the. benefits, the fans or Katz/Wilpon?
    How much and how many sold on eBay?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s the point. The Mets don’t care, and they’re not interested in building good will with the fans

      1. Saul's Colorist says:

        Real estate companies generally are bean counters.

        The rich invest in real estate yet they many times started building organizations with ideas.

        The Katz Wilpons came up in RE and did not build elsewhere – they are the poorest owners in baseball and pennies count before team performance.

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