Sell? Mets Have Nothing To Sell!

With the way things are going with the New York Mets, it is becoming increasingly clear this team will be in position to sell at the trade deadline.  The question is what in the world do the Mets have to sell.

Well, the biggest asset the Mets have right now is Jacob deGrom.  If he was ever truly available, you would have 29 teams lining up to give you their best prospects.  The problem with that is, you could assume the Mets will not deal with either the Yankees or the Nationals.  With the Yankees, you are taking one deep farm system off the table, and that is assuming the Yankees would part with their top prospects in a trade with the Mets.

Overall, based on recent comments from Sandy Alderson, it does not appear the Mets are trading deGrom anytime soon, which is a relief because Sandy really does poor work at the trade deadline.  He’s much better working deals in the offseason.

So when looking at players to trade, you obviously begin with guys on the last year of their deals.  Well, the Mets don’t have much to offer there:

Jerry Blevins – the LOOGY has a 5.28 ERA, 1.761 WHIP, and a 6.5 BB/9.  Worse than that, left-handed batters are hitting .351/.415/.514 off of him.

Jose Bautista – When he was released, the Mets were seemingly the only team who called him, and it’s hard to imagine teams giving up much for a second division bench player with a .366 SLG.

Asdrubal Cabrera – A year after the Mets found no takers for him, they may be in the same position after having him play through injuries.  Since April 24th, he’s hitting .233/.269/.423 while playing the worst defensive second base in the majors (-10 DRS).

Jeurys Familia – If he returns from the DL healthy, Familia has real value because he has once again shown himself to be a good reliever and closer.  The issue with him is Sandy Alderson flipped Addison Reed, who was healthier and having a better year, for an uninspiring group of Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan, and Stephen Nogosek.

Devin Mesoraco – Briefly, Mesoraco was a revelation showing power and helping buttress a struggling Mets lineup.  The hot streak has worn off, and he’s hitting .107 with no extra base hits over his last nine games.

AJ Ramos – Ramos is contemplating season ending shoulder surgery.  That would take him off the table.  The same can be said for his 6.41 ERA.

Jose Reyes – He’s the worst player in all of baseball this year; one the Mets are reportedly asking to retire.

Alright, so the Mets don’t have much in terms of players on expiring deals.  Maybe, the team can look at players whose deals are expiring after the 2019 season:

Todd Frazier – The normally durable Frazier landed on the DL, and he has not been the power hitter he has been in his career.  The positives are he’s kept a solid walk rate while playing a solid third base.  Overall, he’s the type of player who is of more value to you than to what you would get back in a deal.

Jason Vargas – He’s now a five inning pitcher with a 7.39 ERA.

Zack Wheeler – Wheeler is an interesting case because he has shown promise, but he is still prone to the occasional hiccups.  He’s probably not due for a large arbitration increase from his $1.8 million, which should be enticing for a Mets team who probably doesn’t want to spend $8 million to replace him with next year’s Vargas.

So, right now, looking at the expiring deals by the end of the 2019 season, the Mets assets basically amount to Familia and maybe Frazier and Wheeler.  Arguably, Frazier and Wheeler are not bringing back the type of players who would be key pieces of a rebuild.  To that extent, you at least have to question why you would move them on a Mets team with a fairly solid core which includes Brandon Nimmo, Michael ConfortoSeth LugoRobert Gsellman, Noah Syndergaard, and deGrom.

And really, past that group, there isn’t much else available for the Mets to trade to justify blowing it up.

Jay Bruce is injured, and he already looks like he’s in a group with Jason Bay and Vince Coleman for the worst free agent mistake in Mets history.  Yoenis Cespedes is both injury prone and has a no trade deal, which will likely limit their ability to move him.

Really, what the Mets need to be doing is some soul searching.

Much like they did when they extended David Wright, the team needs to assess whether players like deGrom and Syndergaard will be here when promising young players like Andres Gimenez, David Peterson, Justin Dunn, Mark Vientos, and Jarred Kelenic are here to open the Mets next World Series window.

If they’re not, you’re doing the franchise a complete disservice by hanging in this if everything breaks right structure.  Really, things only broke right in 2015, and the team has been ill designed every since.

Blow it up now, or start spending money on players like Manny Machado this offseaosn.  If you’re not doing that, this Mets team isn’t going anywhere for at least the next decade.

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  1. Jack Strawb says:

    Good writeup. I admit I don’t understand fans who want the Mets to trade deGrom. First, there’s no point to trading only one of their aces. They won’t get enough back to restock the 28th best farm system, and the team won’t contend before Syndergaard is on his way out the door even if the Mets are able to buy out his first two FA years.

    Second, if on that basis Alderson does trade both deGrom and Syndergaard, it’s in the hopes of getting back players who perform as well as, well, deGrom and Syndergaard. Who, presumably, the Wilpons then won’t sign to a deal buying out some of the new studs FA years, either. So even if trading both works we get to do it all over again in four to six years, anyway.

    If a team never hangs on to even as few as of its homegrown two stars once their salaries mature, in this environment where Moneyballing involves a team spotting how other teams aren’t properly evaluating ever-decreasingly fine differences in talent, that team is almost inevitably doomed to bad finish after bad finish, saved only once a decade–if then–by dumb luck.

    So why would anyone root for Alderson, whose judgement as he moves into his 70s is average, at best, and certainly not in the top rank, to trade and rebuild when he has shown little aptitude for that task? To contend in 2019, to build a true talent 88 win club, the Mets will have to add a #2 starter, solid MLB regulars at 2B and C (dispensing with TDA’s services), and a Closer. That bumps payroll from the year’s $132m–after Wright’s insurance payout is figured–to about $190m.

    Anyone think the Wilpons will do that? Or, that after dumping deGrom and Syndergaard for young milb talent, the Wilpons will go for that amount of payroll in… 2023 or 2024, when faced with this decision all over again, if we’re lucky?

    This team won’t contend for at least 5 years in any case, and tbh I’d rather spend the next couple of years rooting for the team whenever deGrom or Syndergaard take the mound, than I would watching a bereft team shoot for 70 wins in 2019 and 2020 and 2021…

    “Todd Frazier – The normally durable Frazier landed on the DL, and he has not been the power hitter he has been in his career.”

    –Small disagreement here. Offense is down around the league, so Frazier’s drop in power is very minimal compared to his previous seasons. As for the trip to the DL, I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere but Callaway spent the first 1/4 of the season running his best players at the time into the ground. Cespedes, Asdrubal, and Frazier played all but one of the first 34 games. All got hurt. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection? This team can’t handle players over 30, can’t handle players under 30…


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