Mets Latest Embarassment: The Fanny Pack

Like many who was born in the 80s, I had a fanny pack.  For seasons unbeknownst to us all, it became a thing, and when it soon became a feature of grannies wearing it around their waist to handle their medications or to keep their coins as they pumped money into slot machines, we all realized the horrible mistake we made.

It was at that point, we knew the fanny, soon to be dubbed granny pack, was not cool.  It never was.

Fortunately, for nearly two decades, we have all hidden the embarrassing photos, and we have all agreed the fanny pack and the Zubaz or parachute pants which were under them, never happened.

Well, leave it to a Mets team that consistently tries to find new lows to bring them back and inflict the fanny pack on a group of unsuspecting children on a Family Sunday.

I guess, in a larger world view, it should be a teaching point for all of us parents.  By having our children become Mets fans, we are really only exposing them to further humiliation, and just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.


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