Mets As Bad As deGrom Is Great

You know what the Mets do to win a game? Score a run.

You know what they need to score those runs? Get some hits, at least more than two.

Through the first six innings, Braves rookie Mike Soroka faced the minimum while no-hitting the Mets.

Finally, Michael Conforto broke through with a leadoff single to start the seventh. After that, it was strikeout-strikeout-Jay Bruce pop out.

While the Mets were once again setting baseball back to the days of the New York Nine, Jacob deGrom was once again pitching like the best player in baseball.

In seven innings, deGrom allowed just one run, and while that run was charged as an earned run, it wasn’t entirely on him.

After a Dansby Swanson one out double, Freddie Freeman hit a single Brandon Nimmo booted in left costing him of any opportunity to get Swanson out at the plate.

That was it. Once that run scored, the Mets chances of winning went with it. In fact, as noted by Elias, the Mets are the first team ever to score fewer than 15 runs and compile less than 50 hits over an 11 game span (h/t Good Fundies).

Because Freeman owns both the Mets and Jerry Blevins, he hit a solo shot in the eighth to expand the Braves lead to 2-0.

The Mets did have a rally in them in the ninth. Conforto drew a one out walk, and Nimmo hit a two out double. That put the game in Bruce’s hands.

With the tying runs on base, Bruce hit the first pitch Aroyds Vizcaino offered him. It was a game ending pop out to short. It was a fitting end to another miserable loss.

Game Notes: After pinch hitting for Luis Guillorme in the top of the eighth, Jose Bautista stayed in the game and played his first game at second base in a decade.

5 thoughts on “Mets As Bad As deGrom Is Great”

  1. Saul's Colorist says:

    They mentioned firesale, of none young prospects, who has value :

    de Grom

    Who else?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets have already said no fire sale

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    They signed a plus 1.7 WHIP SD cast off reliever…
    When they pick up a Baltimore discarded reliever, that will be the bottom of bottoms.

    Who are the Oriole candidates?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Pretty sure a guy with a career ERA near 6.00 is the bottom of the bottom

      1. Blu2MileHigh says:


        I like Scott Feldman, yet besides bodies to shuttle to AAA and back, relievers who prefer to get hit hard vs be out of baseball, reducing the suffering and loss of confidence of shuttling important prospects from AA — when have there been any meaningful results?

        Last year it was Tommy (TooToo) Milone snd a chap with a “G”?

        Looks like Ramos may have been in a deteriorating state for a while if not years…. wild guess…. labrum?

        So to supplement Swarzak, Sewald, Familia and Blevins…. plus Peterson, Rhame and Robles they need bodies..

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