Cubs Steal Home And Game From Matz

It’s exceedingly hard to put this game on Steven Matz. Arguably, doing so is completely absurd, and yet in some ways, the win/loss rules do that.

Through six innings, Matz allowed just two hits while striking out seven. With him locked in a pitcher’s duel with Jon Lester, and the Mets recent bullpen performances, you certainly understood why Mickey Callaway sent Matz out the the seventh.

Javier Baez and Willson Contreras led off the inning with back-to-back singles to at up runners with the corners with no outs. That’s when the Cubs put a set play into effect:

On that lazy throw to first, Baez immediately broke for home giving Adrian Gonzalez no chance of getting him at the plate.

While the natural inclination may be to jump on Matz, this was just the Cubs being ultra aggressive and smart. Somethings you just get beat.

Then, there are times you beat yourself.

On Gonzalez’s throw home, Contreras took second, and he’d move to third on a Kyle Schwarber single. Ben Zobrist, who just killed the Mets in this series, hit a pop up to shallow right THAT HAD NO BUSINESS SCORING A RUN.


But of course, the hobbled Jay Bruce allowed second baseman Luis Guillorme call him off. With Guillorme not being in the same strong position to make a throw home as a charging right fielder, Contreras not only took off, but he also scored.

Of course, Bruce would also fail to deliver at the plate as well.

The Mets had threatened immediately with Brandon Nimmo and Jose Bautista each drawing walks to begin the bottom of the first. Neither would score with Bruce being the first of three straight Mets to strikeout as Lester got out of that jam.

The Mets couldn’t get anything going again until the fifth when they loaded the bases with two outs. The rally would end on a Gonzalez ground out.

Ultimately, the Mets had no shot to win this one as they accumulated just three hits while getting shutout in this 2-0 loss. They’ve now scored just one run over their last 23 innings.

That’s borderline noncompetitive. Borderline.

Game Notes: Todd Frazier and Anthony Swarzak will be activated before Tuesday’s game.

0 thoughts on “Cubs Steal Home And Game From Matz”

  1. Gothamist says:

    The announcers on Fox told us all that the Cubs let pitchers have their trials, tribulations, torn ulnars, learn via failure elsewhere and the Cubs draft position players who hit above average if not are freakish athletes that play multiple positions if not excel at defense at their primary position.

    Yes, the Cubs signed old man Zobrist and a young Heyworth. They previously signed older FAs to catch, play center but who was a HR hitter and who did not throw exceptionally well for their positions ? Who was excessively slow for their position, who did not throw well, was often injured or NEEDED LINE UP PROTECTION…?

    I think Sandy might have seen something like that in Zobrist and not in Murphy.

    I do wonder that to the owners of any MLB club, is it cheaper to draft starters or cheaper to prioritize positions, sign FA starters and will owners have their GMs draft to save money after control or will we ever know?

    Besides — Frazier, Cespedes, Bruce, Cabrera will eventually get hurt in their thirties … our new catchers had hip issues…

    if … Good pitchers get hurt early in their careers and good hitters get hurt later in their careers…. so who is really saving money?

    Bullpens implode? How about a decade imploding?

    1. Five Tool Ownership says:

      How many elite pirchers get their prime of their career contracts with their original team?

      If they do, what if their salary is wasted when that team is not contending?

      What if a guy like Jake de Grom, a FA in 17 months was always supposed to stay in NY, owners wanted him here for his best years and were going to pay him BUT. another team have him a year more or $5m more a season?

      A high risk scenario — risk you have no control of? — So you draft the guy and nine years later at 30-31 some billionaire owning another club blows up a strategy in seconds, hugh tangible/intangible investment by an organization on so many levels and the fans get their hearts ripped out only to see another team one player away in their own division have de Grom pitch at Citi four times a year!

      Now that is an epic implosion that is perpetuated in Cooperstown, NY….

      Of the elite pitchers who win World Series, how many are on their original team?

      What about position players?

      BUD SELIG — you brought in Sandy but Matz, Harvey, Familia and de Grom were already here…

      The Mets drafted Fulmer with a #1B, Dunn, Peterson and who else in rounds 1 and 2 since 2011?

      1. metsdaddy says:

        The Mets decision on deGrom will impact this franchise for the next decade.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      While I don’t entirely agree with the viewpoint on pitching, it’s noteworthy Epstein broke curses with the Red Sox and Cubs.

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