NBA In No Position To Criticize NFL

In case you missed it, Steve Kerr had to say this about the NFL rule mandating players either stand for the anthem or wait in the locker room:

Before commenting on whether you agree or not with his comments consider how the NBA handles what Kerr calls “fake patriotism.”

As noted by The Big Lead, not only does the NBA have a rule mandating players stand for the anthem, but before this season, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a memorandum reminding the players of this rule.

That rule applies to coaches like Kerr, who apparently takes no issue with him and his players being forced to stand for the anthem while roundly criticizing the NFL for forcing their counter-parts to do the same.

And keep in mind, this was a rule enforced against Mahmoud Abdur-Rahim, who felt standing for the anthem conflicted with his Muslim faith. He was suspended indefinitely with his suspension ending in his being forced to stand for the anthem, but he was allowed to look down and close his eyes.

On this situation, Kerr only had this to offer, “He’s been doing this all season and it wasn’t an issue until the league stopped him. It’s strange that it’s now an issue.” (SF Gate).

That’s not exactly on par with “fake patriotism.”

With this being Memorial Day Weekend, we may come across a time to question what it means to be patriotic, or honor those who have died protecting the flag.

To some, kneeling disrespects those who gave up their lives. For others, those soldiers died to give people the right to kneel.

Whatever your thoughts on the topic, make sure you’re okay with that rule being applied to everyone. Stick true to your convictions and make sure if you criticize someone for their action, you criticize all for that action be it kneeling or coercing to not kneel.

Put another way, don’t grandstand and be a complete hypocrite like Steve Kerr.