Mesoraco Exactly What The Mets Needed

In many ways, Devin Mesoraco proved to be the perfect return for Matt Harvey – former first round draft pick and All Star whose career has been completely altered by injuries, and he has now been surpassed by others.  While we don’t know if Mesoraco wore out his welcome in Cincinnati, we do know that like Harvey, he needed a change of scenery to at least see if it could rejuvenate his career.

In that way, New York was the perfect place for Mesoraco.

Right off the bat, with Jose Lobaton and Tomas Nido, the one thing the Mets were able to provide was playing time.  With playing time comes opportunity, and after that it is just a matter of whether you take advantage of it or not.

Another thing in Mesoraco’s favor was the lack of expectation.  That’s not just because Mesoraco hit .195/.291/.318 in 316 plate attempts between 2015 and the trade.  No, it is because Lobaton was hitting .152/.250/.239 before he was designated for assignment, and Nido is hitting .154/.214/.179.  Simply put, even is Mesoraco was the bad version of himself, he’s an offensive upgrade for this Mets team.

He’s also an upgrade behind the plate.  From a pitch framing perspective, he’s a better catcher than Lobaton, and he’s on par with Kevin Plawecki.  Since a tough start to his career, with the nadir coming in 2014, he has made significant strides blocking balls in the dirt, and he is now quite capable to good in that perspective.

Perhaps it is a change of scenery, consistent playing time, playing for a better team, or the limitations of a small sample size, but Mesoraco certainly has looked like a much improved player since coming to the Mets.  In eight games, he is hitting .200/.333/.600 with a double, three homers, and five RBI.

More than anything, his play behind and at the plate shows early indications of a player who is rejuvenated.  This doesn’t mean Mesoraco will return to his All Star form.  The injuries may limit him from ever being that again.  However, we see for the first time since those injuries how good a catcher Mesoraco can still be if given the chance, and right now, the Mets are being rewarded for taking this chance.

There is a tangible effect too.  In one of the most bizarre stats you’ll ever see, the Reds were 0-18 in games Mesoraco played this season.  Since coming to the Mets, the team is 5-2 in games he has started.  Part of that is how much his bat is a big upgrade over what the Mets had.  Another part is how well he has handled the pitching staff.

As noted by Wayne Randazzo, the Mets pitchers are 5-2 with a 2.03 ERA in games Mesoraco has started.  Keep in mind, those games include games started by Jason Vargas, Steven Matz, and Zack Wheeler as well as a bullpen game when Jacob deGrom couldn’t pitch past the first due to a high pitch count.

Overall, the Mets are seeing tangible results from the significant upgrade Mesoraco has provided.  They are playing better baseball, and they are winning games.

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  1. Five Tool Ownership says:

    You said in the third week of April the Mets were a front runner for the NLCS?
    It was said wait three weeks, some said wait three months.

    In theory the Harvey deal benefits Harvey, the Reds, the Mets and out new catcher….

    Please post about this in late July please…


    I know you take every game, every loss seriously, I know you have your favorite players who can do no wrong and your bums who can do no good.

    At least when Wilmer gets a nice double in the first inning with no one on – tries to just the ball in the outfied I give him credit, you can never compliment any of your bums…

    It is funny, I heard the last out in the car and the Mets radio team was talking about Wilmer’s walk off relevance yet Wilmer has has x ABATS in innings 7-12 in four years and three walk off homers against marginal pitchers yet the perception is so misguided….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I said the Mets were a front runner for the NLCS in April?

      As for Mesoraco, this article was about how he was a shot in the arm, and he’s been exactly what the Mets needed now.

      Why would I write about what the Mets needed in May in July or August?

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Metsdaddy (May 23, 2018)


    “In MANY WAYS, Devin Mesoraco PROVED to be the perfect return for Matt Harvey”

    FSO says : It has been a good two weeks….. The season has 12/13 left since the trade.

    So these two weeks is 7 2/3% of a 100% sample of the entire season he will be a Met.

    Is this sample size big enough?
    Did his face great pitching outside of The great Miami Marlins starters?

    Do players usually play much better in the first month of a trade (not counting Jay Bruce’s trade in 2016)?

    Did you consider saying “It seems that it is trending to eventual being proven and that it may be concluded by November’s final review?)

    1. metsdaddy says:

      1. Perfect return for Harvey point – about his background, not his current play

      2. Sample Size Point – the article was addressing what he’s done in a SSS and not trying to make a point about the rest of the season.

      3. There’s no established pattern for how players play after a trade.

      4. No, I didn’t consider making a wishy washy point about November when the article is solely written to address the here and now.

  3. mike hogan says:

    Devin Mesoraco comes across as helping the starters. the bullpen needs a lot of help. your opionon. go 69 mets

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Bullpen needs help from Callaway and his decision making

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