Everything But the Game Was A Wash Out

Over in Washington, D.C., even though the Nationals and Yankees were facing even more pressure than the Mets and Blue Jays to get their game in, they postponed the roughly game and a half they had to play.  Perhaps both teams were aware they had important players they did not want to see get hurt, and it was better to do this another day.

Not the Mets.

Despite torrential rains, the Mets decided to play.  Despite a rain delay which required the grounds crew to empty the coffers of diamond dust to eliminate the standing puddles on the infield, the umpires decided to let these two teams play.

Actually, check that, it was the Blue Jays who played a game.  The Mets were there to get drowned.

For Zack Wheeler things started well enough.  Sure, he didn’t get an 0-2 pitch quite up and in enough to Justin Smoak, but other than that, Wheeler was good over the first three innings.  In that time, he had struck out six while allowing just the one homer.

Then came the inane rain delay precipitated by J.A. Happ not liking how he landed on the mound.  The umpires did the right thing delaying the game to get the field in playing condition.  It would have been a better thing to call the game because that field was dangerous.

And yes, someone did get hurt.  Juan Lagares went back on a ball, and his foot hit the wall causing a sprained toe.  Maybe if the ground conditions were better, he gets back to the ball quicker, and doesn’t need to jump.  Maybe in better conditions, he’s better able to plant and go up.  Or knowing Lagares, maybe he gets hurt anyway.

Fact remains, he got hurt in nearly unplayable playing conditions.  That’s not okay, and the Mets and MLB should be forced to answer to that.

They won’t much like how right now Mickey Callaway and Dave Eiland are not yet being taken to task for what is going on with this pitching staff.

Yes, we know there were problems with these pitchers, but they knew the job when they took it on.  It would have been unfair to expect 2015 results from each of these pitchers, but it was fair to expect a progression based on what we saw last year.  We haven’t.

That includes Wheeler falling apart after that lengthy rain delay.  He began the fourth and fifth yielding lead-off walks.  He got through the fourth allowing a two run homer to Teoscar Hernandez.  He wouldn’t get an out in the fifth leading Callaway to go to his bullpen.

While the Blue Jays, who play their home games in a retractable roof, were not bothered by the conditions, the Mets couldn’t manage.

Considering in his last start Happ allowed seven runs in 3.1 innings, his two hit seven inning effort made the Mets offense all the more embarrassing.  It gets worse when you consider one of those two hits was a Luis Guillorme infield single.

Perhaps, that is also a reflection of the 4-9 hitters having all spent time in Las Vegas over the past year.  It’s also an indication Michael Conforto is not Conforto anymore.  With each passing day, we get closer and closer to asking the question about whether this is shoulder related.

In the end, there were really no positives until there were two outs in the ninth.  That’s when Brandon Nimmo battled back from down 0-2 in the count to hit an opposite field home run.  Really, this team needs a lot more Nimmo than whatever it is this team has right now.

That was once again clear after this 12-1 loss.

Game Notes: Guillorme became the first Met since Steven Matz to being his MLB career going 3-3.

2 thoughts on “Everything But the Game Was A Wash Out”

  1. Blu2MileHigh says:

    I had some Grandy Man photos from last August needing signatures so I went.

    Yet if Lagares did not bunt to get some life out this line THEN WHEN THE HECK WILL HE DO IT?!!!!!!!

    One might believe that with Happ with a DH effected ERA near five that the marginal players had an opportunity to contribute?

    The all played as individuals — not as a team.
    Wheeler’s FB velocity seemed down 2-3 MPH st 92-93 yet his slider was in the neighborhood of ninety. Go figure?

    Wilmer got his lefty opp and did well with empty base ABATS.

    Why are Lobaton, Evans pulling a Reyes?

    They had little indication that they could drive the ball on strike one and/or strike two strikes yet with strike two count they seemed to be swinging like it was a 2-0 count, that they had previous hits and they swung as to hit HRs.

    Even the the first Toronto HR down the line the guy hardly swung hard!!!

    Maybe they have no speed so they capitulated?
    Maybe they all had no faith in each other to grind it out?
    Maybe they did nothing to get the vets like Frazier in the dugout to start cheering them on?

    Maybe they are just above average AAAers?

    If Evans does not change his approach (a former batting champ at AA?)
    what future does he hold outside of a glove at six positions?

    Guillome did a solid and tried to hit the ball up the middle and that looked great!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Lagares does have a couple of bunt hits this year, and it’s hard to fault him for bunting in those conditions. The ball is liable to deaden in front of the catcher for an easy out.

      Lobaton and Evans are pulling a Reyes because they’re not very good hitters.

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