Early Review Of Possible Mets All Stars

The 2018 MLB All Star Game in Washington, D.C. is about a month and a half away, and All Star voting on the horizon, the Mets will look to send as many as four players to the Midseason Classic:

Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B
Stats: .313/.352/.523, 15 2B, 3B, 8 HR, 31 RBI, 1.0 WAR
All-Star Appearnces: 2011, 2012

Cabrera jumped right out of the gate, and he quickly emerged as an early season MVP candidate. When the Mets have needed a big hit, by and large, it has come from Cabrera.

Among qualifying second baseman, Cabrera has the most doubles. He is also in the top five in hits, batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS, homers, and RBI.

Cabrera’s dip in May has weakened his attempt to become a third time All Star. It’s not going to be an easy path for him with some steep competition coming from Ozzie Albies, Scooter Gennett, and Cesar Hernandez.

Brandon Nimmo, OF
Stats: .260/.408/.519, 4 2B, 4 3B, 5 HR, 8 RBI, 3 SB, 1.2 WAR
All Star Appearances: None

Like Michael Conforto last year, one thing that may complicate Nimmo’s ability to become an All Star is whether or not he will appear on the ballot. While that may prevent him from being elected a starter, his play on the field may force his way onto the roster.

If Nimmo had enough plate appearances to qualify, he would lead all National League outfielders in OBP. His SLG would also be the fourth best in the National League, and quite impressively, his .927 OPS would be the second best behind just A.J. Pollock, who is also going to be out for about two months with a broken left thumb.

Ultimately, this may be too difficult a group to crack for Nimmo as he is battling bigger names like Bryce Harper and Charlie Blackmon, who are arguably having better seasons. There may also be a push for a player like Nick Markakis, a good player for a first place team, to make his first All Star appearance in his 13 year career.

Jeurys Familia, RHP
Stats: 2-2, 2.16 ERA, 14 SV, 1.040 WHIP, 11.2 K/9
All Star Appearances: 2016

Among closers, Familia leads the league in games finished, and he is third in saves and ERA. Another consideration, is for a Mets team who has expected a lot from their relievers, Familia ranks third among closers in innings pitched.

These numbers are easy to overlook for many Mets fans when you consider Familia has only converted 14 of 18 save opportunities, and they are still hung up on some postseason failures from the past.

As it pertains to Familia, those stats may no longer be sufficient. As time progresses, we all look less and less to saves as the true measure of a reliever’s worth. Certainly, the emerge of firemen like Josh Hader are going to complicate things for the selection of relievers for the National League bullpen.

Jacob deGrom, RHP
Stats: 4-0, 1.52 ERA, 1.010 WHIP, 11.7 K/9
All Star Appearances: 2015

Right now, deGrom is the best pitcher in the National League, and he is a lock to represent the Mets in the All Star Game. If the game was not being played in Washington, you could make the case he should start the All Star Game. However, the presence of Max Scherzer will stand in the way of that happening.

What is interesting to note with deGrom is if he doesn’t step aside for Bartolo Colon in 2016, we would be talking about a pitcher who has been in All Star in three out of the last four seasons. That’s something we saw from Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden. As this season continues to unfold, you can make the case deGrom deserves consideration of being grouped with those names. If not them, then at least in the conversation as the third best Mets starter of all-time.

In the end, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, will be joining deGrom. Up until recently, you could have made a case for both Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo, but recent hiccups may be enough to prevent them from being All Stars in their own right. That said, another impressive run from them, or really anyone, could have them joining deGrom as Mets representatives this year.


0 thoughts on “Early Review Of Possible Mets All Stars”

  1. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Familia for 8th inning set up man!
    As you say Cabrera is a horrible defender, horrible me first, team last and should not even be a Met, so he is out.
    Nimmo must be the most outstanding leadoff man in the league to even warrant a spot without being the designated after de Grom. If Nimmo had RBIs it would be different.
    de Grom w four wins or thirteen is an automatic.

    Looks like Conforto’s pop ups and Ks are here to stay, he seems to never be a Freddy Freeman…. so let us hit 35 dingers annually Mikey and make a career on all field HR power?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      1. Cabrera is statistically the worse second baseman in baseball.

      2. RBI have no bearing on Nimmo’s candidacy

      3. Conforto has been great lately. Why crap on him now?

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        I agree, Conforto is doing better

        43 games

        His 15 RBIs in 43 games translates below 60 RBIs for a full season
        His five doubles projects to < 20 for the year…

        Yes, he has had an improvement — six RBIs in last 13 games and nine RBIs — over last 22 games and he is now striking out less than 25% of his non BB ABATs.

        His OBP has looked great and when Nimmo sits Mickey should lead off.
        Yes, Nimmo hits lefties far worse.

        Until he rids the high K rate and improves the extra base hits much more than the last 13 games we have to not expect what we used to expect.

        Time for a smaller bat, a shorter swing and much more contact?

        RISP is a better result than the RISP batting average.
        Eight RBIs in 46 plate appearances (RISP) is good…

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Way too much focus on RBIA

  2. Blu2MileHigh says:

    I am concerned about Wilmer Flores’s ceiling with his bat.

    Now I believe it was not coaching but that his back has chronic issues and thus Wilmer must hit straight up, bend minimally and that MLB normal swinging at low away pitches will tax his physical limits.

    Yet if he can fix it and hit the way he did in Mid to later May during a whole season he can definitely be an ALLSTAR

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Wilmer may be done as we know it with this back issue.

  3. Gothamist says:

    What specifics are out on his back?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Disc issue. Nothing more out there

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