Citi Field Hidden Photo Spot

There are many spots people congregate to take pictures of either themselves or the group: the Shea Bridge, down by the railing of their section using the field as a backdrop, or behind center field with Mr. Met.

Each of these spots has an issue. You wait in line for Mr. Met. There’s a ton of traffic on the Shea Bridge. You have to fight other people and the ushers to get a picture towards the railing of the section.

This pretty much means if you want to take a picture inside Citi Field, you’re dealing with a hassle. That is unless you are taking your picture with the M&Ms:

As you may be able to tell, this is right before the Shea Bridge, and even with the amount of foot traffic in the area, this side section is largely undisturbed.

This allows you to set up a fun picture without waiting or much of a hassle. That is unless this now catches on . . . .

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  1. OldBackstop says:

    I, too, have lost my baseball mind during this six game losing streak.

    1. Five Tool Ownership says:

      The 2013 Atlanta Braves won 96 games – Are they back in the fifth year
      The 2011 Phillies won 101 games, are they back?
      The 2006 Mets won 96 games, did they peak in 2015 with 90 wins?

      Is it time for a rebuild?

      One fifth of the season, so everything below can be multiplied by five—

      Six of eight starters have negative dWARs
      Eight positions starters have a combined total oWAR of 3.2

      Projected in 160 games — to steal seventy bases, full season of [- 5.0] team dWAR – 278 strikeouts in 32 games or of almost nine Ks per contest

      – team OBP .318 – .378 Slugging – Only 16 SH & SF in 32 games! – TB of 389 ranked 14th !!!

      Team pitching is roughly weighted by innings pitched at 11th or 12th of 15 teams yet via ERA alone the Mets pitching is ranked 10th of 15 NL teams

      Whoever gets down on each loss has to ask themselves if they are being remotely realistic

      I hope those who watch 70-100% of the Met innings gets paid by their association with the Club.

      Projecting ninety sacrifice bunts and sacrifice flies combined in a year JUST INTERRELATED to a team with negligible speed!!!! Incredible….

      The 2012 Mets had four more….

      Yet on SF alone they are ranked 7th, in the 50 percentile

      At another time we will cover splits, RISP, being clutch. LOB

      I am patient, I do not expect miracles, I am not pointing blame at Sandy, Mickey, the coaches or the players.

      No one in the mainstream media never promised that they would finish ten games over .500

      Time to relax and find joy elsewhere…. LV is in the cellar again there are no top prospects coning up officially this summer if not until 2020.

      I would just petition that the owners spend money on the best scouts.
      They have lots of scouts but pay up for the best!

      The Met fans are NYC fans, the world’s best!

      1. Blu2MileHigh says:

        The facts are the facts!

        That is one great family photo!

        Where do you go to have that photo?
        What time can I get there?

        Great looming family!

      2. metsdaddy says:

        This is very close to the need for a complete tear down.

  2. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Great “looking” family!

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