Meet The Mets Fan: Rep. Peter King

The Mets Fan

Pete King – Congressman from Long Island – Raised in Queens, went to high school and college in Brooklyn and then Law School at Notre Dame.

How You Became A Mets Fan

I was a fanatical Brooklyn Dodgers fan and saw the Mets as the successor to the Dodgers.

Favorite Mets Player

David Wright; Ed Kranepool

Favorite Moment in Mets History

1969 World Series Victory

Message to Mets Fans

We never give up. The Mets represent tough, hard-working, blue collar New York.

0 thoughts on “Meet The Mets Fan: Rep. Peter King”

  1. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I heard from someone that the Honorable Peter King was being considered o s short list for nomination for Secretary of State if Mike Pompei withdraws.

    You certainly have a very distinguished gentleman of highest esteem on your blog.

    As I scan all of the cable news I see him often make key contributions.

    A learned man of great restraint, measured words, tact and invigorating brilliance.

    A man for all of the people….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I asked all politicians from both sides of the aisle to participate. So far, Rep. King was the only one kind enough to participate.

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