Meet the Mets Fan: Jeff Pearlman

The Mets Fan

My name is Jeff Pearlman. I’m a longtime sports writer and author of seven books, including “The Bad Guys Won,” which Mets fans seem to like. Also, to be clear, once I became a journalist I set rooting aside. So while I was a Mets fan, and while my son and wife are Met fans, I root for good games and great stories.

How You Became a Mets Fan

Two houses up on Emerald Lane in Mahopac, N.Y. My pal Dennis Gargano lived in a yellow house. I’d go over there, and his dad Vincent Gargano would often be sitting on a couch, TV on, Coca Cola in hand, cigarette in other hand, watching the Mets. I’d hang with Dennis, then drift to Mr. Gargano, who told me all about Seaver and Koosman and and Tug and Doc and all the Met legends and near-legends. It was a magical education

Favorite Mets Player

George Foster

Favorite Moment in Mets History

The moment they acquired Foster via trade from Cincinnati. I was a kid, 11-years old, and I couldn’t believe it. Huge star, former MVP. At the introductory press conference he warned the jets to beware. Granted, it was all downhill from there. But still …

Message to Mets Fans

Ya gotta believe?