Trivia Friday: Most Homers By A Mets Third Baseman

With the Mets signing Todd Frazier, the team has added a third baseman who has averaged 30 homers since the 2013 season.  In their history, the Mets have seen third baseman who could hit for that type of power.  However, there have not been that many who have been able to do so.

Are you able to name the third baseman in Mets history who have hit the most homers?  Good luck!

(NOTE: to qualify, it is players who have played at third more than any other position.  As a result, Edgardo Alfonzo and Bobby Bonilla do not qualify)

David Wright Howard Johnson Robin Ventura Wayne Garrett Charley Smith

7 thoughts on “Trivia Friday: Most Homers By A Mets Third Baseman”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I never speak about player value without first go thru their numbers at BBREF.

    I use MLBTR all the time. They also use BBREF.

    I just found this website for update links.

    Metdaddy, are you linked to their spider, have you posts been picked up by Rotoballer as they are picked up by BBREF.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m unfamiliar with Rotoballer

  2. Bench Coach says:

    Bill Madden, NYDL, agreed that Tony Clark is no Donald Fehr or Marvin Miller.


    There is now a hard cap on high revenue teams and others are fiercely protecting their intl pool money and high draft picks.

    The players wanted early games on getaway days and
    players to not have to pay dues to clubhouse staff and furthermore the luxury tax threshold is also affected by increasing pension obligations.

    Sounds like even Fehr and Miller would also be over their heads…

    See 1/9 Bill Madden, NYDL…

    I would understand the Union agreement first before any talk of …

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I would not pretend that I don’t know or understand the agreement.

      In the same vein, I won’t pretend your comments are ill informed.

      1. Bench Coach says:

        The collusion debate here was unresolved, the article was today was very rekevant, and the FA period is technically over as of February xx…

        Maybe we are now closer to agee that player’s association contract is not blameless.

        I love these quizes but this one reminds me of the Nolan Ryan trade. I had to move on quickly from the quiz.

        I completely forgot Wayne Garrett.

        great quiz

  3. OldBackstop says:

    Aren’t we supposed to be guessing third basemen?

    My snap answer would be HoJo, but that seems so obvious I wonder if there is a twist, like I’m forgetting the year Strawberry played third….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      They’re all third basemen

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