Mets Fans Must Root Against The Eagles

Right now, the City of Philadelphia could not be happier.  Much like the Super Bowl XXV winning Giants team, the Eagles have made their way to the Super Bowl behind a back-up quarterback.  These Eagles fans are so giddy just sensing the moment of their first Super Bowl victory.

Really, we have not seen people in the City of Philadelphia since 2008 when a Phillies team led by Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Jayson Werth won the World Series.  It was this same Phillies group that helped overcome being seven games back with 17 to play in 2007.  That still remains among the lowest points in Mets history.

And while we fans were mourning that lost 2007 season, and we were in pain watching our beloved Mets collapse in consecutive seasons, the City of Philadelphia rejoiced.  They were also all to happy to pour buckets of salt into the gaping Mets fans wounds.

As a Mets fan, why would you ever want to watch Philly be in a position to rejoice ever again?  Really, we should be in a position to once again revel in their pain and laugh as we can all collectively point out how the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.

For people like me who are both Mets and Giants fans, this is an easy sell.  Admittedly, this is a much harder sell for Mets fans that root for the Mets and the Jets.

To those people I ask this, what was worse: Seeing Philadelphia rejoice in 2007 and 2008 or any of the Patriots Super Bowls?

As a Mets fan, I understand the Patriots-Jets paradigm.  I also understand that each successive championship by a team you hate matters all the less.  However, the pain and suffering in Philadelphia will last a lifetime.

So really, as Mets fans, we can all reasonably disagree about our football teams, but overall, we should be united against the City of Philadelphia.

Go Patriots!

4 thoughts on “Mets Fans Must Root Against The Eagles”

  1. Temple Owls says:

    I get your point. What Charlie Manuel, Jimmy Rollins and Utley did was hugely painful.

    I know that the beauty of Pennsylvania is not far from downtown Philly but I scratch my head why anyone would move there for anything but a good job.

    If they ban sports I would eventually survive living here in the city.
    NYC a top ten city in the world has so much to offer.
    If I was living in downtown Philly and sports were bleak I just can not imagine how I would cope.

    I hate Jerry Jones, I hate that the Cowboys are on national TV 12 weeks a year but I found a way to root for the Mavericks in the Finals and the Rangers one year.

    I like Brian Dawkins, Pederson, Carson Wentz is so nice and a joy to watch with his spectacular feats.

    When they burn things down in Philly after the Sixers, Flyers or Phollies win for they are very upset that they have nothing to watch the next week, that their season is over.

    They only wish they could visit Manhattan more often

    They have not won in decades.

  2. Gothamist says:

    Yeah, I get you on hating all Philly teams…

    We mostly do come here on your blog to learn about the Mets that we did not already know and a Mets Daddy.

    Do you have reserve material like who might surprise in spring training?

    Like the after season evaluation on the relief pitchers who came over in the Duda, Reed and Bruce deals?


    More about tne Mets new medical, training, rehab?

    Speaking of Philly, if the Mets have a couple of key pitchers on the DL in 2018 what about the ages of these three Mets extra base hitters?

    Cespedes, Bruce, Gonzales?

    Philly is reloading…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’ll run some Spring Training stuff like that when Spring Training begins. As an aside, the Mets need a completed roster before doing any of that

  3. OldBackstop says:

    I’m a Giants fan that hates the Eagles. I would have been mildly proud if Brady won and Eli had been the only guy to beat him in a Superbowl. Other than that….pitchers and catchers.

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