Late Dom Smith Should Now Lose First Base Competition

When Mickey Callawaybecame the new manager of the Mets, every player got a bit of a clean slate. Sure, the front office as well as holdovers like Ricky Bones and Glenn Sherlock could probably Callaway with pertinent information, but at the end of the day, Callaway was going to meet each player, see their work and preparation, and then he could make his own determination about a player.

This was really important for a young player like Dominic Smith.

There is no doubt Smith is talented, but he has shown some maturity issues. Despite the team stressing his physique to him, he put on 20 pounds or so during the season. That was after he had reported to Spring Training last year in terrific shape.

When he did get the call-up last year, as reported by Abbey Mastracco of, he had been late to the park on more than one occasion. This led to veteran players “reprimanding” him for his behavior.

This was all part of a difficult first experience in the Majors which saw Smith hit .198/.262/.395 in 49 games. In total, he had a -1.2 WAR.

If there was anyone who needed a fresh start, it was Smith. Initially, he made the most of it by losing more than 30 pounds before the start of Spring Training. He reported to Spring Training early. He was doing all the right things.

He was having the type of Spring where he earned a chance to show the Mets he deserved at least a long look this Spring. He was starting to give the Mets to at least consider having him be the Opening Day first basemen. Whether as a reward for his dedication or not, he was going to get a chance right away with his being named as the first baseman in the Mets first Spring Training game.

Smith would be late to the ballpark before the first game.


Fair or not, this was a player who had to prove to the Mets he was dedicated and mature enough to be a Major Leaguer, and the first chance he gets, he fails to show up on time.

He left Callaway no choice but to bench him. That left Smith watching on as five time All Star and a former teammate of CallawayAdrian Gonzalezget a couple of at-bats as the DH. He also looked on as Peter Alonso take his place in the lineup.

Smith watched the player taking his spot on the Opening Day roster, and he watched the prospect who has begun breathing down his neck as the Mets first baseman of the future.

Smith knew he had an uphill climb to surpass Gonzalez. He had to know Alonso has been making a name for himself. It shouldn’t be lost on Smith that while the organization has concerns about his power, Alonso has it in spades.

Despite knowing all of this, Smith failed to show up on time to the first game of Spring Training. With that, he’s shown he’s not yet mature enough to be entrusted with the first base job. Not yet.

And that right there is why he’s already lost the first base competition.

0 thoughts on “Late Dom Smith Should Now Lose First Base Competition”

  1. George Cornwell says:

    In the Times, Smith conceded the repercussions of his behavior was warranted. That’s a good sign for an unfortunate event. The water is under the bridge. Let’s play ball. Let’s go, Mets!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I can’t say the water is under the Bridget when he’s a repeat offender

    2. Gothamist says:

      Dom Smith has the tools, he is confident, relaxed and his launch angle means he can hit 40…you will forget this week…


      I am two thumbs up!

  2. Gothamist says:

    Ok, Mr Conlon….

    He is a much better Sean Gilmartin!
    Not a great compliment by a fair one.

    His fast ball though consistently at 87 mph tops is consistently low in the zone.
    His off speed hitting the gun at from 75-78 may have the same release point but honestly I do not know it is a slider and if the release point is in fact the same.

    Well, if you FB tops out at 87, you better have laser location and keep it down!

    If you do not have two plus pitches how do you compensate and throw your FB at different speeds if you can not throw it 88mph?

    BAUTISTA – How do you go from a 96-97 FB to an off speed at 83-85?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      1. Conlon does have that type of command.

      2. Bautista has phenomenal stuff. He just needs to harness it.

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Ty Kelly looks like he is there out of pity.

    Nice guy, hard worker, no quit, great perseverance yet on that throw to second he got to the ball not quick enough and his arm was not strong enough nor this throw accurate enough.

    Who is coming back next, Mike Torres?

    Ok, if these guys are cool about playing in Vegas this year and Syracuse next year, why not….

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