On The Mets And Eric Hosmer

One of the more polarizing free agents this offseason is Eric Hosmer.  The main reason why is he just looks like a better player than he actually is. 

For that, look no further than his Gold Gloves. In four of the last five seasons, he has taken home a Gold Glove despite posting a cumulative -6 DRS over that stretch with his posting a -6 and -7 DRS over the last two seasons. 

Offensively, over the last three years, he has averaged 159 G, .294/.359/.463, 29 2B, 23 HR, 97 RBI. Pretty good looking numbers, but those numbers translate to a 119 OPS+, 120 wRC+. 

For this some teams, including the Royals and possibly the Padres, are willing to pay him over $20 million a year for seven years. That’s a gross overpay for a player who is averaging a 2.9 bWAR and 2.5 fWAR during the prime of his career. 

Now, there are some plausible reasons why you could say he’s more than the numbers say he is. By all accounts, he’s a leader and a tremendous clubhouse presence. The man seemingly does everything it takes to win. 

My personal favorite is when his GM Dayton Moore said, “”If you told Eric Hosmer, ‘We need you to hit 40 home runs,’ he would be able to hit 40 home runs. He’s that type of athlete.”  (WEEI). 

Basically, all you need to do is to tell Hosmer to do something, and he’ll do it. Whatever it takes to win, except hitting 40 homers because he doesn’t need to do that to win. What he will do is make the mad dash home Alex Gordon didn’t the prior year and scoring a run as Lucas Duda‘s throw went nowhere near home. 

That brings us to the Mets. 

There’s no doubt the Mets could very well use a player like Hosmer in the clubhouse. There’s value in adding a winner, and there’s more value in adding a headsmart player on a young team. 

The first problem with considering Hosmer, which the Mets purportedly aren’t, is Dominic Smith

The young first baseman was a well regarded prospect who struggled in his debut. This led the Mets to tell everyone who will listen they’ve soured on Smith. They soured on him so much they began the offseason listing first base as a need. 

It was more than a short-term consideration. The team did inquire on Carlos Santana as the Mets viewed him as a “difference maker.”

Apparently, he wasn’t enough of a difference maker to garner $20 million a year. Although, that may have more to do with the Mets not having $20 million to spend this offseason. 

Therein lies the problem. We’ll never truly know how much of an impact a player like Hosmer would have on the Mets. We don’t get to see the blending of new and old school and how they work together to build a winner. 

In fact, the way the Mets offseason is transpiring, you’d be hard pressed to argue this team is really looking to build a winner for 2018 or beyond. 

That leaves Mets fans watching Hosmer dashing for a chance to win again while we all look on in horror. 

9 thoughts on “On The Mets And Eric Hosmer”

  1. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Scott Boras was even blown away by Jeff Wilpon’s 10 year $200M offer.
    There were seven and eight year offers but no nine year offers.

    Seriously, getting Jay Bruce for less than $45M for three years now seems like a no brainer but after his Cleveland success his prorated $15 M now seems tradeable.

    Signing Bruce and Todd Frazier now seems to be a must for the Mets though Frazier’s Ks and lack of speed (Bruce’s also) is not what Sandy was ever targeting.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      But Bruce doesn’t want to come back to the Mets

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Makes sense. How did you hear that?
        they did treat him very very very poorly last winter…

        1. metsdaddy says:

          It’s all over. Bruce wants to go to the Giants.

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Realmuto and Yelich….

    Any other MLB owner if they owned the Mets would try anything to get either one….?

  3. Gothamist says:

    There was one player who wanted to sign w the Wilpons, Dillon Gee

  4. Five Tool Ownership says:

    GREAT GMing still goes on, with or without the Mets having a full time GM office staff:

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s what happens when you don’t purge your farm system for one run b

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