New Year’s Resolution: Take Photos of Your Kids Everyday

Each and every year, we all set forth New Year’s Resolutions, and they all fail miserably.  In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of resolutions fail by February.

There are a multitude of reasons why, but for the most part, they fail because we all know we are biting off more than we can chew in making these resolutions.  It’s difficult to take a bad habit or something wrong and put all that pressure on ourselves and change it overnight.

So instead of making the same resolutions you use each year and watch them fail, we should all look to make an easier resolution.  That resolution should be to take a photo of your children each and every day.

Look, we are always on our phones and those phones have cameras on them.  Why not take an opportunity and just take a picture of your child?

On a personal front, I have taken at least one photo of my son everyday since he was born.  He’s now four.  As Christmas comes along, I go on Snapfish, and I create a photo calendar of just pictures of him. Each and every day is literally a snapshot of my son from that particular day.

It’s not all set pictures.  I wait for moments.  Working hard trying to write – Take a picture.  Reading a book – Take a picture.  Soccer or ice skating – Take a picture.  Cute expression watching TV or sleeping – Take a picture.

Point is there is something our kids do each and every day that is more than worthy of capturing for posterity’s sake.

Personally, I get the joy of scrolling through a year’s worth of pictures.  I get to see how he’s grown, and how much he has changed over the past year.  With that, I’m able to create a gift for my family that everyone loves.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely doing it from your phone.  If so, just take a quick picture of your kid.  Make it a habit.  Save the photos.  Load it to Snapfish.  Enjoy it forever.

In the end, you’ll have a New Year’s Resolution well worth keeping, and one that is fairly easy to keep.

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