They’re doing nothing this offseason, but everyone already knew that. 

2 thoughts on “METS BREAKING NEWS”

  1. Gothamist says:

    Breaking news?

    When there is no breaking news some Met fans show how ignorant they really are and expose that the posters do not read even about sports lore history, that greatness to then does and is NOT about performing on the big stage TO WIN RINGS on a year in year out basis, that these posts do not seem to want to learn to understand or question their way to get command over fundamental stats and theese few comments are just irritating and bring me to incredulous disbelief.

    I am demoralized that I do not EVER read Mlbtraderumors anymore just as to glance.

    I know that the Mets will sign two FAs by March, these will be key adds but I do not get their minimum of annual transactions as if the GM office is a part tine endeavor, using Rule Five pick five to raise cash blew my mind and all of these expensive real estate commitment/moves of the Wilpons, the negative press the Wilpons draw from the beat writers just bounces off Met fans without a major public boycott initiative.

    I bought an Oct 18, ALCS single ticket at Yankee Stadium to root for Houston.
    I rooted for the Yankees by inning three for I connected wity the much more well informed NYer fans that I have always sought out in Flushing.

    There is hope in 2018!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Yeah, it was a sarcastic post which emanated from my extreme frustration.

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