Noon Year’s Eve

While looking for things to do with my son this New Year’s Eve, I came across a concept I was previously unfamiliar – Noon Year’s Eve.

The concept is a fairly simple one – instead of counting down to 12 at midnight, you countdown to 12 at noon.  By doing this, you permit you and your family to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your children.

This does alleviate come problems.  First and foremost, depending on your child’s age, you no longer need to keep them up or wake them up from their sleep to get them to celebrate.  Second, if you are not inclined to keep them up or wake them up, it allows you to celebrate with them.  Third, it will allow you a little peace of mind celebrating on your own while your child rests comfortably.

If you contact your local zoos, museums, or towns, they are likely to have a number of events set up for the family to celebrate.

In the event they don’t, or you don’t want to go out on what may be a cold day, you could always set something up at your home.

If you subscribe to Netflix, they will have a number of themed New Year’s Eve countdowns that can set up and watch with your child.  If you are so inclined, have a little New Year’s Eve party with your children’s friends.  It would be fun to have some cupcakes and sparking apple or grape juice.

Overall, Noon Years Eve is a great concept for parents with small children.  It allows you to include them in the celebration.  It gives you the opportunity to have a family celebration.  It also affords you to have a guilt free adult celebration.

Happy Noon Years!

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