Francesca Leaving WFAN Leaves A Bigger Void Than Expected

Like many Giants fans, I was completely outraged at the decision of the franchise to callously bench Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith.  Like many New York sports fans, in that moment, I instinctively turned the dial to WFAN to listen to Mike Francesca to get his take on the situation.  He didn’t disappoint:

This was like watching a great pitcher past his prime reach back and find that fastball for a huge postseason start.  He may not be able to go the well that often, but when he needed it, it was there.

With the Eli Manning story, we probably have the last big moment of Mike Francesca’s tenure with WFAN.

Francesca will sign off on Friday, December 15th, and he will be somehow replaced with a three person booth.  For the record, here were the takes of Francesca’s replacements:

Yes, it is a different medium, but those takes certainly aren’t the type that have you running to your radio like most New Yorkers did with Francesca when the news broke.  For what it’s worth, Carlin had more passion when it came to Greg Schiano-Tennessee fiasco.  This wasn’t exactly awe inspiring, and that’s before you take into account Bart Scott, the third member of this three team booth, had no takes on the situation.  By the way, he’s actually paid to cover the NFL.

This doesn’t mean Carlin-Gray-Scott can’t work.  It also doesn’t mean that they won’t be a show capable of handling news like this.

What it really means is that this really is an end of an era.  You’re not tuning into anyone else like you’d turn in to Francesca when this news happens.  The only one who would come close is his old time partner Mad Dog, but he’s unreachable for many because he’s on Sirius XM.

And no, you’re not tuning into any other show like you are Francesca.  Sure, Begningo & Roberts have the requisite passion.  Hardcore sports radio fans can’t wait for the Steve Sommers monologue on the topic.  After that?

Boomer is still working out the kinks without Craig Carton.  DiPietro & Canty lost something when they switched Rothenberg and Hahn’s roles.  And no, you’re not having serious sports radio with The Michael Kay Show as long as Peter Rosenberg is on that show.

And yes, you may very well like anyone of the aforementioned shows.  You may be one of the many who have sworn off Francesca pointing out his many faults.  But be honest.  You cared what he had to say, and many of you turned in to hear him go off on the Giants decision.

In a few weeks, he’s gone, and that same need to turn on the radio will be gone with him.

Francesca will soon be gone and with him goes a void that is unlikely to be filled by anyone who is or will soon be on the New York airwaves.  We were reminded of that on Tuesday.  We will be reminded of that again on Monday, December 18th.  We will be reminded of it most when the next huge New York sports story hits and Francesa isn’t there to cover it live on WFAN.

2 thoughts on “Francesca Leaving WFAN Leaves A Bigger Void Than Expected”

  1. Jane says:

    The best take on a subject I’ve read from you, MetsDaddy! I too will miss Mike…immensely!
    p.s. Boomer is a shill who can’t been taken seriously! The first time he truly criticizes anything about the NFLwill never happen! And I would to muzzle him every time he interrupts and denigrates poor Jerry Rocco..who actually has valid sports opinions!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I completely understand your point on Boomer. Like all NFL analysts and commentators, they defend “The Shield” above all else.

      In other sports, like baseball, basketball, and hockey, he’s more willing to be critical

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