Did Santa Visit Citi Field?

Let’s all gather round and see what Santa left under the Mets Christmas tree:

Jake ArrietaMets have enough SP, don’t they?

Jay Bruce – His heart is in San Francisco

Yu DarvishNot in this lifetime 

Lorenzo Cain – Nope

Bartolo Colon – Rejected 

Howie KendrickNowhere to be seen or heard from

Jonathan LucroyMets already have Lobaton

Todd FrazierIn Toms River 

Curtis GrandersonCan’t be naughty and expect to get someone so nice 

Austin JacksonWould need to trade Lagares and about 10 more people 

Jason Kipnis – Hot In Cleveland


Mike NapoliSomewhere over Minneapolis

Eduardo NunezProbably too broken . . . even for the Mets

Addison ReedNot home for the holidays 

Neil WalkerDoesn’t want to come back 

Really, there’s nothing there except for what I really hope is a piece of coal. 

0 thoughts on “Did Santa Visit Citi Field?”

  1. Sandy's Draftees : How much did they give him to pay his scouts? says:

    The Wilpons have invested in many places : Citifield – Islanders Belmont – E – sports, Flushing Development and SNY.

    Fred Wilpon gets angry that the Yankees acquired Stanton?

    The Wilpons do not need us and they are tired and annoyed owning this team…
    Speculating about FAs and trade targets, yeah right!

    If I had a blog I would shut it down!!!

    And find a new team!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Well, I’m still sticking with the blog and the Mets

      1. Sandy's Draftees : How much did they give him to pay his scouts? says:

        I respect that… yet if my favorite restaurant served me expired food I would wait until a new owner took over….

        NOT A PENNY!

        1. metsdaddy says:

          The Wilpons aren’t serving expired food.

          They’re serving you freeze dried astronaut food and expecting a Michelin star

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