Trivia Friday – Sandy’s First Free Agent Signings

With the Mets only having so many holes this offseason, it appears the team is going to have to make a few strikes in free agency.  Presumably, the sooner the team locks up a Todd Frazier or an Addison Reed, they can quickly shift their focus to the next need.  There’s just one problem.  In his tenure as the Mets GM, Sandy’s first free agent acqusition has typically been lacklaster.

Can you name the first MLB free agent Sandy has signed with the Mets each offseason?  Good luck!

D.J. Carrasco Ronny Paulino Jon Rauch Shaun Marcum Chris Young Michael Cuddyer Asdrubal Cabrera Neil Ramirez

2 thoughts on “Trivia Friday – Sandy’s First Free Agent Signings”

  1. Gothamist says:


    Sandy will not pursue high K nor a no speed third baseman unless a one year deal.
    Ramos is his 8th inning man.
    Addison Reed if he comes will not get three years for more than $8 per
    unless he is a back up plan to close in 2019 – if Callahan also is not ready in 17 months. Reed has lost speed on his FB and at his velocity he aint Henley Jansen.
    JD Martinez is already Sandy’s #1 if not only pursuit fot November
    Cabrera will play third base unless a huge lift of speed is acquired
    The Mets will hope to find a utility player with tangibles of speed or switch hitting playing 4-5 defensive positions adequately
    It is not inconceivable that Sandy will seek a shut down bullpen of meritocracy especially with Familia likely to be effected by pressure in his walk year

    a pitching staff at full throttle will be the strategy to a wildcard game

  2. Gothamist says:

    callahan in 2019 (correction)

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