Giants Go Screaming Past Mets In Inept New York Franchise Rankings

While he is certainly not washed up, Eli Manning is not the same QB we all fondly remember from Super Bowls XLII and XLVI.  With those two Super Bowls, you would think the Giants would allow Eli to write the final chapter of at least his Giants career.  Really, the Giants owed Eli that much considering he delivered them those Super Bowls when the Giants risked so much in trading for him back in 2004.

But the Giants aren’t going to let him write that final chapter after all.

Instead, the team is going to let Ben McAdoo do that for him.  This is the same McAdoo who has found seemingly every opportunity to malign one of the greatest players in franchise history.  Make no mistake, while McAdoo has the right to make this decision as the head coach of the football team. However. in a larger sense, he’s a nobody in the history of this organization.  He’s the guy who makes Ray Handley look good. 

In well run franchises, you don’t let inept people on the verge of getting fired insult and decide the fate of future Hall of Famers.

No, this doesn’t mean Eli shouldn’t sit.  The Giants are 2-9, and Eli has played a role in that.  Moreover, football is a business, and the smart business move here is to realize the team needs to start looking in another direction at QB.  Eli is now 36 years old, and the team is poised to have their best draft pick since 2004.  As we all remember, that’s when the Giants traded Phillip Rivers, who the Giants drafted fourth overall, and other selections to obtain Manning.

At a minimum, the 2018 NFL Draft has hyped QBs.  They could be great.  They could be terrible.  Fact is, it is a talented group like it seemingly is every year.  Only time will tell if this will be a famed QB class like 1982 or 2004 or it will be a complete bust like in 2007 and 2013.

Point is, it’s probably time to move on from Eli.  Before doing so and investing a top five draft pick on the future face of your organization, you need to find out about the young QB on your roster.  The Giants seem to be confused as the young QB on their roster is Davis Webb, not Geno Smith.

Smith is a retread QB who failed with the New York Jets.  He failed for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to the fact he lost the Jets locker room.

Geno Smith was the guy who started in the event Eli was too injured to play.  That would have likely been the result of a hit suffered from playing behind a putrid offensive line.  The 27 year old impending free agent  was not the guy to end Eli’s tenure over the pretext of finding out about the young guys.

In the end, the Giants, as an organization, decided to bench the greatest QB in their history.  They embarrassed a future Hall of Famer not just by putting him behind a horrendous offensive line, but by benching him for someone who aspires to be a journeyman.

Like he always does, Eli handled it with class.  He refused to go out there and start for the sake of keeping his 210 start streak alive.  He stepped aside like McAdoo and the Giants wanted him to do.  Eli fought back tears as he was once again the good guy:

Best part of it all?  Mara wasn’t even in the building today.

How does an owner not make himself available to a team’s leader and a future Hall of Famer when a soon to be fired head coach benches him?  It’s a flat out joke.  By the way, the General Manager was also unavailable for comment.

That is something you expect to hear about any of the other New York teams, including the Mets whose owner once bashed his players in the media without provocation.  With that, in what has been a crazy year, the unexpected has happened.

Step aside Jim Dolan.  You too Woody Johnson and the Wilpons.  Islanders don’t even have a home, and no cares where Prokhorov’s Nets are located.  Doesn’t matter.

Mara.  Tisch.  The New York Giants.

They are now the New York franchise that is the biggest joke right now.

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