Wright With Another Surgery

The New York Mets announced David Wright has had yet another surgery to deal with the myriad of health issues he has had since first landing on the disabled list early in 2015:

Because of who he his, Wright came off as optimistic in his statement.  It’s not just the released statements.  When we see him interviewed, we may see him look more and more like a shell of his former self.  Really, the only thing recognizable is the smile on his face and the upbeat attitude.

How he can continue doing that is anybody’s guess.  With each thing that happens, everyone finds themselves running to Google to find out what exactly Wright had done.

I guess that as long as Wright believes in himself, we can still believe.  However, as fans we can have some distance.  We can be more realistic.  We may never see Wright play for the Mets again.

This isn’t exactly breaking news.  Rather, it’s increasingly becoming reality.  No matter what the case, the only hope we can have with Wright is that he is at peace in his career even if I personally never will be.

2 thoughts on “Wright With Another Surgery”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I wish all athletes a painfree life after their careers.

    Wright was truely rewarded for being a face for a franchise after its financial meltdown.

    A chaos of no precedent in professional sports, a fanbase screwed by ownership (maybe into the 2020s) a franchise essentially turned over to MLB.

    The Met owners did not suffer as much as others like Madoff’s son.

    A team ownership who sold 48% of its ownership just to hold on to the club.

    4% increments to never be challenges by the other 48% yet fiscal prudence will be here forever for at 4% who wants to hear of loses of being asked to cough up millions in cash for salaries every year?

    David Wright was a tool to bring in the gate, to not have losses, thus to be able to spend more than $95M on payroll annually.

    An upward cycle that Wright assisted on.

    A Franchise owner that could not bring in other stars.

    Wright shouldered everything PR wise with a smile from 2009-2014.
    The kids loved him, their dads showed up w David Wright jerseys.

    He was a celebrity yet he was never a MVP vote getter after the 2000s.

    The Mets can consider making a one year commitment to a third baseman and Wright can now use 2018 to prove he is well not being on the MLB roster in 2018.
    He deserves support in his life, getting over $200M is not an excuse to say you are on your own,

    They fans need a reasonably set prognosis set by doctors, hearing it directly from the doctors. The Mets despite Alderson can not be trusted.

    If the Mets know of only a remote hope for Wright to return, yet say otherwise yet do not pay for a viable third baseman and he does not by May 1 return to 70% of his batting form and 90% of his fielding (why dump Murphy? Then why gamble on Wright?) then the screwing of the fan base just continues.

    He still has permanent spinal stenosis,

    If I was the Mets I take care of the other 24 guys trying to get to the WS, I would take care of the fanbase and if Wright miraculously returns then wish him well to play elsewhere if thst is tge only option to start.

    Yet if he can demonstate by Thanksgiving he is physically able to play that is a different story.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Considering Wright’s talent level, I would say the Mets should afford him the chance to return. However, that does not mean they should reserve a starting spot for him. They need to find a more permanent solution for third.

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