Reason For Mets Fans To Root For A Yankees – Nationals World Series

You’d be hard pressed to find a Mets fan who’d even contemplate a Yankees-Nationals World Series. After a horrible season, certainly one of the five most disappointing in Mets history, a Yankees-Nationals World Series is about the last thing Mets fans need.

Or is it?

The Mets entered the 2017 season with a $155 million payroll, which was ranked twelfth in the majors. That number was a bit deceptive as it included David Wright‘ insured contract. After the 75% reimbursement for Wright’s contract, the Mets Opening Day payroll was $140 million. That would’ve bumped them down to 15th.

Really, a Mets team who had designs on winning a World Series had a middle tier payroll. A Mets team located in the largest media market in the world was middle of the pack in spending.

That’s fine if the Mets were well constructed, but as we knew at the time, they weren’t.

Now, with the Mets facing even bigger holes this offseason, the Mets are planning to . . . wait for it . . . cut payroll. Instead of the $155 (or $140) million mark, the Mets plan to cut payroll by $135 million. They’re doing this despite having even more holes to address this offseason.

The Mets need a second baseman, third baseman, and a rebuilt bullpen. They should also consider adding a fifth starter, center fielder, backup catcher, and a capable bench. How the Mets can do all of this with less money is anyone’s guess.

Based on how the Mets have been run during the Sandy Alderson era, it seems as if the bullpen and bench will be the two poorest constructed areas. The Mets have been able to address both in the past by making in-season trades. Those trades have helped deplete the farm system.

Overall, if the Mets are going to return to being World Series contenders, they’ll have to spend. That’s hard to do unless Sandy is given more money this offseason.

That brings us back to the original Yankees-Nationals World Series point.

As much as Mets fans do not want to see it, the Wilpons want to see it even less. Remember Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports noted the Mets were “not eager” to trade Jay BruceLucas Duda, or really anyone to the Yankees.  They didn’t want to have those players being the Mets.  More than that, they don’t want to see the Yankees in the spotlight.

Likely, they don’t want to see Daniel Murphy leading the Nationals to the World Series.  With everything Murphy has done since leaving the Mets, he makes the Mets look worse and worse.  Seeing Murphy having a third straight terrific postseason may be too much for this franchise to bear.  That goes double when you consider the Mets have a gaping hole at second base – one that could have been filled by Murphy if the Mets weren’t so eager to get rid of him.

If the Yankees and Nationals make the World Series, it would just rub salt in the Mets wounds.  On the American League side, you have a team the Mets cannot bear to see successful.  On the National League side, you have the Mets biggest competition in the division going to the World Series led by a former fan favorite.  That’s a lot for an image conscious ownership group to bear.

Who knows?  If that happens, maybe it will spurn the Mets to action.  We could actually see the Mets open up their pocketbooks to address the needs of this team.  Adding some players to a solid foundation of Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Amed Rosario, Dominic Smith, Yoenis Cespedes, and Michael Conforto could very well propel this team back to where they were in 2015.

Then again, maybe the Mets don’t spend the money they need to fix this team.  If they’re not going to spend the money, then they deserve the indignity of seeing the Nationals and Yankees in the World Series.  They deserve to get their own personal worst case scenario.  The hope for Mets fans is it will be too much for them to bear that they will finally do something about it.

27 thoughts on “Reason For Mets Fans To Root For A Yankees – Nationals World Series”

  1. Gothamist says:

    Congrats to diehard Yankee fans who become ‘New York fans’ when the Mets are in a NLCS.

  2. Gothamist says:

    I really hope they get a stud,

    They could have rested Reyes and given many more ABATS to Evans, Cecchini and Nido.

    They could have saved more Familia for Winter Ball.

    So close to the #1 pick in the draft!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m alright not giving many at-bats to Nido. Team needs to find out more about Plawecki.

      As for the rest, I completely agree. The Mets needed a longer look at Cecchini n

      1. Gothamist says:

        Too late on Cecchini. He is a goner.
        He has no arm to play SS nor 3rd.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          That’s incorrect. Cecchini has a very good arm.

          1. Gothamist says:

            Huge amount of errors at SS in 2015, 2016…..

          2. metsdaddy says:

            He did have errors, but you need a better understanding why they happen. It’s not that his arm is bad. In fact, it’s because his arm is good.

            He tries to make throws he shouldn’t because he knows he has a good arm. Really, he needs better coaching.

          3. Five Tool Ownership says:

            Phil Evans is way higher up on the depth chart than Cecchini.
            If Cabrera comes back, his option will be not be picked up, then they sign him for less.
            Cabrera seemed to be in shell throughout Aug/Sept.
            He played so well, like a Wilmer who hit righties.
            It was like he was there but he was not there.
            Like a ghost.
            My bet: Wilmer and Cecchini will be moved.
            Dom Smith, if he suffers against lefties it will not last and a plattoon w Wilmer is not in the cards.

          4. metsdaddy says:

            Cecchini is still higher on the depth chart because he’s a much better player.

            Mets are picking up Cabrera’s option.

          5. Gothamist says:

            You know I apparently did not know why they shifted him away from SS. I knew he had alot of errors and SS was canned but thanks for providing the reason why he essentially is now a second baseman…

          6. metsdaddy says:

            They shifted Cecchini to second because Rosario is a much better SS and prospect.

          7. Gothamist says:

            Cecchini had a less than great year w the bat in AAA, was in the press chatting why he was perceived as …… not in the mix.
            So why did he not get the starts, ABATs after hitting in the low .200s in AAA?
            I saw Evans as lower on the chart in July yet:
            A former AA batting champ
            Plays unspectacular yet less errored SS
            Has power for third base.

            It is Evans unless he starts yet what about TJ’s return will it be before July?

          8. metsdaddy says:

            Cecchini had a poor year partially because the team was tinkering with his swing to help improve his launch angle. Basically, he fell victim to the Mets absurd policy of making everyone the same rather than acknowledging different players have different skill sets.

            As for Evans, he won a batting title at a lower level due to a high BABIP. As it came crashing down, so did he even if he was in a much better hitting environment.

          9. Five Tool Ownership says:

            If I was the Mets:
            Get speed from 3 of the 4 infield positions.
            Focus on stealing bases.
            What about Noah without Warthen or Rene Rivera?
            Didn’t MetsDaddy say that Travis will be an AllStar in 2018?

            Noah can work on holding runners in the winter?

          10. metsdaddy says:

            Noah doesn’t need Rivera or Warthen. He needs to be Thor.

          11. Gothamist says:


            What is the record for most steals against?

            There is no way that Cecchini was moved over just because of Rosario.

            If Gavin was SS capable at MLB level., if he had a consistent toss Terry would have played him a few games at SS Amed was not playing!

          12. metsdaddy says:

            The main reason Cecchini was moved was for Rosario. To say otherwise is to obfuscate the facts to fit a narrative.

            Also, never adjudge a prospect by how Terry uses him.

          13. Five Tool Ownership says:

            I heard that Noah may be looking to set up a pitching consultanting company to compete directly with Tom House.

            Rumors that Noah wants a trainer who believes in not using MRIs,

            On an apology about not taking the MRI to:

            The front office
            Manergerial Staff

            There are ZERO RUMORS….

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Most GMs want to forget that draft.
    Yet, every first round can be a crapshoot.
    The NBA and NFL has its draft result surprises however baseball seems to have the least predictable corelation w draft position.
    Yet, I would have preferrred that the Phillies would have passed the Mets and the subsequent higher craft pick.
    Cincinnati had a very hard schedule at the end.

    It was like rooting for the kids but rooting for a loss.

  4. Gothamist says:

    Love it!

    Looks like Kapler will not refuse to talk to Sandy but he may ask to do it in CA, to hint he will not accept if offered.

    I do not know what is going on in SD but maybe that is the opening he hopes for or if he wants to continue doing Player Development and consider seeking a GM position?

    What about taking helicopters to a Long Island Sound home in Block Island to do his guided meditations?

    If guys like Ausmas d not get new jobs?
    Bench coach? A catching emphasis…

    Cora’s will do quite well…

    Yet, SNY expands upon a nice bunch of prospects!

    The Cleveland guy sounds great for pitchers.
    I prefer an offensive type who plays agressively.

    I would not hire a defensive coordinator to coach in the NFL accept for a very few, like Bill Belicheck.

    In baseball, I would weight towards not hiring a pitching guru but Cleveland has had remarkable results…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Why would the Mets be interested in Kapler?

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        I thought that the points made on the SNY article about Kapler are excellent.

        Maybe people do not connect with why Friedman had Kapler and Dave Roberts as the Dodger finalists?

        1. Five Tool Ownership says:

          What great coach getting his first job wants to coach the Knicks ?

        2. metsdaddy says:

          Kapler had one year experience as a minor league manager, and for all the talk about his fitness, he was an injury prone player because he worked out the glamor muscles instead of doing workouts geared towards playing baseball.

  5. Julian says:

    Ugh! Gave me a flashback to the 2009 World Series!

    I hope Cleveland mows down the Yankees.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That wasn’t nearly as bad as 1999

    2. Five Tool Ownership says:

      Yeah baby, go Tribe!
      25 scalps….

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