Why Are The Mets Doing This To Harvey?

It was one thing to let Matt Harvey start the season in the Opening Day rotation.  It is another thing all together to let Harvey take the mound right now.  It really only serves to embarrass him.  That’s certainly how he felt after he struggled last night:

Once again, you have to question why he is even pitching in these games.

In his first season back from TOS surgery, Harvey had an atrophied muscle in his right shoulder.  His rush to pitch under these circumstances led to a stress reaction.   Even if he’s healthy, he’s still not ready to pitch.

He didn’t look good in his rehab starts.  He didn’t even last five innings in any of those starts.  Since coming back, he’s only lasted five innings once.  Other than that, it’s been four innings or less with five earned or more.

What does this accomplish?  Make him more humble?  Reduce the numbers he could get in arbitration?  Find a way to justify non-tendering him?  Seriously, what’s the end game here?

You have to ask because the Mets are not going to accomplish anything by putting Harvey in there game after game.  Actually, that’s not true.  With each and every start he makes, he becomes more and more dejected in front of his locker.  Ultimately, that’s what’s accomplished.  The Mets are just stripping out the last thing that makes Harvey great – his confidence.  Once that’s gone, you can then really question whether the Dark Knight will ever truly return.

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