Mets Uniform Assignments A Small But Interesting Issue

With the Binghamton Rumble Ponies season over, the New York Mets have called up top catching prospect Tomas Nido to serve as the team’s third catcher for the final few weeks of the season. Once he arrived in the clubhouse, he was issued the number 77. 

Now, it’s possible Nido selected the number himself as “his” number 7 was unavailable because it’s already being worn by Jose Reyes. However, the assignment of the number follows an odd pattern where the Mets typically have used number assignments to distinguish between top prospects and others. 

The most recent example was Phillip Evans being assigned 72. His number in the minors was 13, which is currently occupied by Asdrubal Cabrera. There’s a large chasm between those two numbers. 

That’s not the case for Amed Rosario (#1) or Dominic Smith (#22). They had the benefit of their Las Vegas numbers being available, and as such, they were given their numbers.

This is unlike former Mets first round pick Brandon Nimmo. Like Nido, he wore 7 in the minors. When Nimmo was called up last year, Travis d’Arnaud wore the number. Unlike, Nido or Evans, he didn’t get a number in the 70s. Instead, he was assigned 9. 

Later that season, Seth Lugo couldn’t wear 27 because of Jeurys Familia. He was given 67. The fact Lugo was removed from the Las Vegas rotation earlier that year was certainly of consequence. 

Robert Gsellman wore 24, a number mostly out of circulation to honor Willie Mays. The pitcher rushed to the majors was given 65. Chris Flexen had a similar rise this year. His 33 in St. Lucie wasn’t available due to Matt Harvey and his Binghamton 46 was worn by Chasen Bradford. Flexen was given 65. 
By the way Flexen was given that number because his 29 was already worn by Tommy Milone

Bradford’s Las Vegas teammate Paul Sewald is wearing 51 because the Mets have taken Keith Hernandez‘s 17 out of circulation. 

Now, this isn’t to say Sewald should wear 17, or that he didn’t select 51. Same goes for players like Bradford whose preferred number is being worn by a Major Leaguer. 

However, again, there is a real difference between saying no to 13 and assigning the number 72. It isn’t something the team did to Nimmo, but then again, he’s a well regarded prospect. 

The really own exception to this is  Travis Taijeron and his switch from 18 to 28. 

And Taijeron really is an anomaly unless you believe T.J. Rivera (#3) and Ty Kelly (#11) really wanted to wear 54 and 56 because Curtis Granderson and third base coach Tim Teufel already had their uniform numbers.  Really, it’s not likely. 

No, the truth of the matter is the Mets are really only inclined to allow a prospect to pick their own number upon a call up to the majors unless they’ve already been deemed a top prospect. 

Look, we know Rosario is a better prospect than Rivera ever was. Likely, Rosario will be a much better player. Still, that does not mean Rosario gets to pick a number, but Rivera shouldn’t. They’re both New York Mets. They should be treated as such. 

Overall, this is far from the biggest issue with this team, but it is an issue nevertheless. It shows why certain players get chance after chance after chance while those that produce have to continue to reprove themselves. The reason is because the Mets seek confirmation bias rather than results. 

Want to know which players are which?  Just look at the uniform numbers. 

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  1. Luis says:

    As a Mets fan since 1969, it has seemed that the Mets cannot stand success…Confirmation bias, acquiring players after their prime to just have a “Name” player, Having the largest market in the Nation, yet claiming penury (due to the idiot owners greed), gross mismanagement of injuries (Ryan Church Concussion, allowing Cespedes to play with a bad hammy-and it is NOT hard to rehab and strengthen hamstrings, Harvey having atrophy in his shoulder AFTER all the rehab? No one saw that? Robles pitching with numb fingers? Matz saying he doesn’t feel right, claims ignored..Beltran having his own procedure done on his knee and STILL playing..)-This franchise DEMANDS new ownership if it wishes to excel, otherwise it will be what it has always been…a mediocre franchise at best with brief moments of brilliance when the stars align

    1. metsdaddy says:

      There was a time the Mets were desperate to be relevant, and then

    2. metsdaddy says:

      There was a time the Mets were desperate to be relevant, and they were willing to spend what it took to be relevant.

      Then the Madoff scandal happened. From that point, the Mets have been more interested in profit margins and investment opportunities than winning.

      Essentially, they’ve treated this team less and less like a plaything and more and more an asset in their portfolio where they can obtain profits to reinvest elsewhere

  2. Jennifer corozza says:

    Does theory explain why degrom got 48? He was not a top prospect and considered a surprise?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It actually doesn’t. That’s the number deGrom wore with Vegas

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