Cubs Walk All Over Mets

Well, if you watched last night’s game, you got the jist of what was going to happen tonight. The Cubs dominated the Mets, and you were left looking for bright spots. 

Certainly, one was and continues to be Juan Lagares and his defense in center:

Not seen there was Lagares making the throw. His throw lead to a run not scoring on a double base running gaffe by Ian Happ and Willson Contreras. Happ’ was trying to go to third with two outs, and Contreras’ was not hustling home while watching the horror unfold. 

At the time, the play kept the game tied at 2-2. 

The Mets runs had come off a Jose Reyes keynote address off Jon Lester, and a Matt Harvey safety squeeze plating Amed Rosario. No, it didn’t make up for what happened yesterday. 
Speaking of Harvey, the best thing you can say about his start is he left under his own power.

The velocity was there, but his location wasn’t.  When he wasn’t leaving pitches in the hitting zone, he wasn’t throwing strikes. When he was pulled with one out in the fourth, he allowed seven hits, two runs (both earned), and four walks with just two strikeouts. He also left the bases loaded. 

He left them loaded for Hansel Robles, who is having a nightmare of a season. That became evident when he issued a bases loaded walk to Anthony Rizzo and then a two RBI single to Contreras.  Just like that, it was 5-2 Cubs on the way to becoming a 10-2 lead. 

But hey, Robles had a sparking stat line. His was 1.2 innings, one hit, no runs, one walk, and two strikeouts. 

He was the only pitcher with a good stat line. Chasen Bradford allowed four runs in an inning of work. He certainly wasn’t helped out when Asdrubal Cabrera let one go through the wickets. Javier Baez homered off Kevin McGowan in McGowan’s lone inning of work. Jacob Rhame surrendered 

One of the runs Rhame allowed was off a Rivera double. The former Met had quite an evening himself. Despite coming off the bench, he was 2-2 with a run, double, and two RBI. 

Jamie Callahan then had a sinilsr outing to Robles. He relieved Rhame with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth. Just like Robles, he issued a bases loaded walk to Rizzo. Albert Almora then hit a bases leading triple. Unlike Robles, he’d get hit with a charged run. 
With all the frustrations, the Mets showed some fight in the eighth. Rosario scored on a Rene Rivera passed ball. Later in the inning, Dominic Smith hit a two run homer to pull the Mets within 10-5. 

All said and done, it was a hard to watch 13-5 loss featuring Mets pitchers issuing 11 walks. It’s quite the metaphor for a team that everyone not named the Reds or Phillies have walked all over. 

Game Notes: Brandon Nimmo dat for a second straight game against a left-handed pitcher while Nori Aoki got the start in both games. 

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  1. Gothamist says:

    I believe in Harvey…

    The homer plate ump was already giving Harvey nothing and then let !ester intimidation date him into giving his calls but not for Harvey or Lagares…

    Harvey’s day could have been better…. if the ump was not do putrid and biased…


    Let Robles play Winter Ball in DR.
    We may have to give up on his 97…
    Maybe more core work will enable much better location?!!!

    How many MLB teams have middle relief who would have gotten the two outs with less damage.. or one run? But this is a Madden team, stacked in sold out Wrigley headed to the playoffs. I get it but Robles pulls this crap everywhere…

    Salas pitching every day could be exhausted by abuse and done as well.

    Bryant has such nerve pulling out the box on a 2-0 count playing games…

    Pull a Bob Gibson?
    Ok, not wise but what about some fight?!!!!

    Chin music!!!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s too early to judge Harvey. He’s still working his way back from significant injury. Hopefully, he’ll be better next year.

  2. Gothamist says:

    The homer plate ump was already giving Harvey nothing and then let spoiled, entitled for life, Lester’s intimidation pushed him emotionally into giving Lester calls but same pitches not for Harvey.

    The Lagares third strike was pure crap also!!

    Someone get thrown out!
    This is chronic, ongoing and no fight from the entire dugout!

    As a fan this bites!

    2017, 2016, 2015..,
    Any year….

    Bye bye TC!!!!

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    It is worse than that….

    No dominance over one team headed into 2018, no fight, bad finish is a hortific omen for 2018.

    The Sandy A. pacifism of the no knowledge, intentionally further ignorance owners focused PRIMARILY on their own wealth net worth statements is getting stale…

    I love accountable karma for the owners for it makes them ultimately better humans but the Mets belong to NYers more than the owners and wishing bad on the owners is self defeating and unspiritual.

    But I can not walk away from self serving people this time and just ignore my Mets and those players I wish well for!

    What gives?

    The upside of the Third Pick Every Round In The Amatuer Draft should pay dividends past the end of the SNY contract that pays 50% dollar wise of the 2018 Nats if not tiny markets like the Pirates!

    So tell your pre teen kids and grand kids that finishing as the third worst record has potential positives!

    The dynamic looks bad for 2018 but 2022 there can be fond reflection of that third pick in the draft!



  4. Gothamist says:

    Maddon says:

    “Make sure Rhames and Callihan get hit hard. Screw the score fzck with their confidence. We will face these guys next year and beyond. Plant failure in their minds!”

    Terry Collins:

    “Not very gentlemanly. When he was my bench coach I never role modeled that! Maddon’s fzcking with their livelihood! Very mean spirited but hey Maddon wins. Never will be my style but I respect the guy “

  5. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Mixed news, mostly very bad….

    Positive – reduced payroll

    Negatives – I assume that most of the best Mets office talent gets their first break with the Mets and subsequently gets paid elsewhere…

    (the fast food people are treated much better than their counterparts at Yankee Staduim – yet deja vu I am now thinking of Lobel’s at Yankee Stadium and quite hungry for that sandwich!!!)

    So… the good ones can not all be promoted at Mets Central and the good ones elsewhere do not ultimately want to come to NY unless they love the owners or get extra money for the taxes and cost of living… Then add in the kids, wives, parks, private schools. FORGET IT no such flow into Flushing!!!

    HIGHLY UNLIKELY, THEY END UP IN BOSTON, ST LOUIS, KC, CHICAGO, ATLANTA, TAMPA, CLEVELAND AND LA FOR THE OWNERS KNOW THE GAME, let cash fly, got great cable deals flowing in revenue, are personally not hocked in debt, leberage, invedting working capital elsewhere, playing shell games owning the cable network OR THEY DELEGATE COMPLETELY FOR THE TEAMS HAVE SEASONED GM’s with great TRACK revords not encumbered by control freaks!


  6. Five Tool Ownership says:

    ‘Braves hire Mets exec’

    “The Braves officially announced the hiring of longtime Mets executive Adam Fisher as assistant general manager.

    Fisher, 39, began his career with the Mets in 2003 and worked under four general managers. He had been the longest-tenured member of the Mets front office.

    A Harvard graduate, Fisher had risen to senior director of baseball operations, working closely with assistant general manager John Ricco.”

  7. Gothamist says:

    They probably lost him over $15,000 and refused to match the salary and title.

  8. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Yes, a Wilpon decision!

  9. Gothamist says:

    Or worse…

    Mr Fisher wanted to work in Atlanta’s Sabermetric environment. Saul Katz came in last, threw in a $5,000 signing bonus ( opportunity cost of 50,000 donated meals for the undernourished!) and said:

    “Ah, did you see “Can’t Hit The Curve”?

    “The other prevailing GM in Atlanta (from the movie) proved you scout and it beats Saber.” Saul continues

    “Remember Clint and Amy Adams?” – ” That will convince you, we show it to every young exec or emerging talent evaluator who asks why we do not really believe in Saber” “Ae hate that you are going to Atlanta, thry have enough great talent people but we want people who want to be here!”

    “Hey, so we lose a few great employees but we want everyone on the same page, good luck son”

    Saul goes back to turn on CNBC to see ‘The Closing Bell’

    Ho in person here are two tickets to scout out the Nats for firework night”!

  10. Five Tool Ownership says:

    If the fans only knew!!!

    The skimp everywhere!!!!!!!!

  11. Gothamist says:

    Like you said many times…

    The Sterling owns 52% of the Mets and 67% of SNY.

    If they paid FMV for Mets telecasts or at keast $25-40M more Sterling loses 15% of the potential $40M that is a minimum of $6M growing or leaping up for 15 more years!!!

    That compounded w Interest and predictable increases puts $100M in the pocket of Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz.

    That can potentially be $300M each…

  12. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Enough with this horror of news!!!

    It sucks being a Met fan!!!

  13. Gothamist says:

    So, ask Jeff Wilpon to adapt you…
    Or do as the Straw, switch allegiences to the Yankees!!!

  14. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Now I see its transparency- a good option to really consider… root for the Yankees?

  15. Gothamist says:

    Yeah, if other fans see this cancer at the top they will clearly run and thus our getting reasonable tix for the Yanks may become very hard. Please keep it to yourself, ok?

  16. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Ok, sshh…
    Our secret….

  17. Gothamist says:

    Back to the Cub game…..
    These Cubbies now have a sense of urgency
    Each game is like training for playing the Nats?
    The tour around America is over
    They had a low bar to get into the Divisional Series
    They will not forget getting swept by the Mets in 2015
    The Mets are the third worst team in baseball
    What better way to go into October
    Not playing or hosting the three ganes of 2018 until June 2018
    Go for the jugular!
    Harvey, Smith, Rosario, young pen… work to defeat them!

    But the home plate umpire…. YOU ARE NO PLAYOFF UMP




    Like sheep for slaughter as not even a whimper for the incompetent UMPIRING!


    The Mets failed more!!!

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