Montero Wins – Yes, Seriously, He Did

In his major league career, Rafael Montero had a staggering 2-13 record. You’d be hard-pressed to say that record was the result of his team failing to pick him up. To be fair, he’s usually been so poor, he never really gave his teammates a chance. That wasn’t the case tonight. 

Montero was great for five innings allowing the Marlins to just four hits and two walks. He then ran into some issues in the sixth beginning with the opposing pitcher, Vance Worley, getting a lead-off single. 

The Marlins then got a trade-off they take every day of the week with a Dee Gordon, who hit a fly ball Brandon Nimmo couldn’t get, but he was still able to get Worley at second. 

After a Giancarlo Stanton walk and a Christian Yelich strikeout, Montero was on the cusp of getting out of the inning unscathed. 

He seemed like he did when Marcel Ozuna hit a ball to left. Mets fans thought Yoenis Cespedes could get it. Keith Hernandez gave him a pass. In any event, it was 1-0, and the way Worley was going, it seemed like that was all the Marlins needed. 

That changed when Matt Reynolds pinch hit for Montero and earned a lead-off walk. That walk ignited the Mets offense. 

After the walk, Nimmo singled to set up runners at the corners with no outs. Asdrubal Cabrera then tied the game with a deep fly ball to right. 

Don Mattingly tried to stem the tide by bringing in Drew Steckenrider. It didn’t work. 
Runners were at the corners again after a Cespedes single and a Steckenrider wild pitch. In a tough at-bat, Michael Conforto hit a hard grounder that ate up Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas giving the Mets a 2-1 lead. 

That became a 5-1 lead when Wilmer Flores hit a three run homer. 

If you thought the three run homer by Flores off a right was a surprise, the ensuing two run homer by Kevin Plawecki was a downright shock. 

That Plawecki homer put the cap on a seven run inning where the Mets batted around. It also put Montero in line to win just his third game of his career. With him getting two wins this year, this is his first major league season with more than just one win. 

After that, we got to see why Dominic Smith is so well regarded by the Mets. 

In the eighth, he made a diving stop to rob Yelich of a potential extra base hit . . .

. . . and he followed that with his first homer at Citi Field. 

He absolutely clobbered that ball hitting it beyond what were the original fences. 

Between Hansel Robles and Chasen Bradford, the Mets locked down the 8-1 win. 

By the way, for all of the Mets refusal to have even a decent defense, the team turned five double plays. The defense did its part, and as you see, when you’re this good defensively, even Montero looks very good. 

Game Notes: Rene Rivera was claimed off waivers by the Cubs. With him a Cub, and Curtis Granderson a Dodger, the Mets were able to call up Plawecki and activate Tommy Milone from the DL.  

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  1. Gothamist says:

    On such a dreary day that win cheered me up.

    I guess Reyes makes too little to get put on waivers yet w Rene Rivera making $450k Reyes at a probable $90K salary until 10/1 probably is not stopping someone to play nor is $90K a great savings if someone wants Reyes. Clearly it would mean his Mets days are over in 2018 : Cabrera, Milone, Cespedes

    So who is left not under control?

    Cabrera, Tommy Milone, Cespedes, AJ Ramos, Blevins, Adam Wilk and Benji Rowens?

    Maybe Ramos can bring the prospects that have escaped the Mets so far?

    Was Houston ever serious to offer anything for Rivera?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Bigger issue for Reyes is he’s on the DL right now. As for Rivera, no one was going to offer anything of value for him.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Reyes off the DL would they seek to save $75k in a salary dump?
        Is that true he makes under $400g?

        Rivera’s WAR is poor, yet his arm is servicable… a reliable, unspectacular back up, given away for free?

        he had such a great start in 2017.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I do wonder if the Mets bring him back due to his relationship with Rosario

          1. Gothamist says:

            at $550k prorated thry can dump and bring him back?
            That is saving almost $200k this year by placing him on waivers?

          2. metsdaddy says:

            They can sign him next year no matter what they do with him this year

          3. Five Tool Ownership says:

            Yep, and Thomas Gorzellany prorate his million dollar arm at almost twice as much salary relief. He makes a cool mil…

            T. Gorzellany
            Ben Rowan

          4. Gothamist says:


            2018 Free Agents potentially signed by the Mets, or a pool of other free agents via declining player options – these pools of talent look great for those teams as they seek to get the last few pieces for a WS run.

            But what is here? For the Mets

            At this point if Gio Gonzalez was game- he is my #1 lefty…
            What else is here on the list?

            Bringing back Fernando Rodney?

          5. Five Tool Ownership says:

            Tommy Milone
            T. Gorzellany
            Ben Rowen

            Easily save $3m dumping all these salaries…
            Then d0Salas being claimed, another 800k

            That is another $4m saved to retool in 2018,

            Get those free agents!

            Nay, just joking around.

            They save this money, the $4m and they will buy some buildings, this team is owned by Sterling Equities or Sterling Enterprise …

          6. metsdaddy says:

            Until the Mets spend like a NY team, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt

  2. Gothamist says:

    I realized the huge void of Grandy being gone.

    Great game tonight!

    It is for me rooting for the individual players as much or more than the team’s success.
    So with that said Nimmo, Sandy’s boom or bust pick his first pick is here, Dom Smith, Gavin, Amed, Kevin, Matty Reynolds and my fav underdog Juan Lagares.

    Let me get familiar w their tendencies and seek to see incremental growth like athletes playing any sport.

    It is really depressing hearing that Sandy promised to dump salaries in the summer if the Mets were not competing.

    Looks like Jeff and Fred evaluated pretty well!
    They needed an out and knew it.

    Yet if Sandy promised to dump salary when he pleaded (when?) to sign people it was not Ben Rowen it was Walker, Cabrera and Bruce and last year.

    Wow, Murph not signed yet by Nats after 2015 and it was Sandy pleading with ownership right after the World Series? To spend money?

    They demanded the dumps? In advance?
    After game five against KC, surreal…
    That was the conversation after 2015?

    For who else was signed or acquired since 2015?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      According to Sandy, there was no mandate to cut payroll. With that said, he said the Mets were over-budget to start the year.

        1. Five Tool Ownership says:

          Yeah, Mets Daddy referred to that, focusing on money over prospects after the Bruce dump and the Mets (User Name Bruce on Mets Daddy) trashed MetsDaddy.

        2. metsdaddy says:

          As much as I don’t like to give the Wilpons the benefit of the doubt on spending, this report wasn’t exactly what happened.

          1. Gothamist says:

            What happened?
            How do you know?
            They did dump salary?
            They seemed to have focused on salary relief?
            Where traditionally it goes the other eay around?
            I can see Rene Rivera not having alternative suitors?
            Are you scared of the Mets now?

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    There was a mandate, CBS Sports ource on Grandy send off.

    It said Pres & COO resisted on the last few large contracts (whose?)

    Sandy made a deal to dump them, mid season or later if team was less competitive.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I have no idea, but the only big deals the Mets gave out were to Cespedes

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Blevins and Salas together was a big deal if you consider the Bruce’s $13M positively had to get dumped!



        So look st the Duda, Reed, Bruce, Walker and Grandy deals vs what other teams did in the prior ten?

        They are full of shit!

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Like I said Cespedes was the only big deal

  4. Gothamist says:

    Sandy mutually agreed to more thsn one player to choose from later?

    Yet they had no idea of MLB nation’s reaction to the Granderson trade?

    Jerseys almost sold out!

    Anyway, his splits, a Sunday pitcher?

    Jacob Rhame Stats, Highlights, Bio | Stats | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball

    #28 prospect with the Dodgers and # with the Mets?
    He can pitch Sunday afternoons!
    Yet .303 at night!

    Is it his vision?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I think it’s a quirky thing. I wouldn’t dwell too much on the BA splits

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