Good Luck and Thank You Curtis Granderson

The Mets organization is worse off today because it traded away Curtis Granderson. Simply put, you do not lose a human being the caliber of Granderson and are better off for it.

There’s a reason why he won the Roberto Clemente Award last year. He’s dedicated himself to helping others.

His Grand Kids Foundation has helped educate children in New York and Chicago and get them interested in baseball. To that end, he donated $5 million of his money to his alma mater, the University of Illinois, to build a ballpark where both the college and city kids could play baseball.

In addition to this, he’s an International Ambassador of Major League Baseball, a former ambassador for the Let’s Move! campaign, and is a spokesperson for the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up water initiative.

Long story short, Granderson is a great human being. Perhaps the only thing that could challenge Granderson the man was Granderson the ball player.

During Granderson’s three plus year tenure, Granderson established himself as one of the best free agent signings in Mets history. He was certainly one of the most important.

While Yoenis Cespedes got all the glory, Granderson was the most important player on that 2015 team.

For much of that season, Granderson was the only credible bat in that lineup. Between his offense, defense, and leadership, he helped keep the Mets afloat until the team for healthy and could make trades to make that run to the World Series possible.

When the Mets got there, Granderson was the best player in that series. In that series, he tied Don Clendenon, the 1969 World Series MVP, with the most World Series homers in Mets history. Each one of those homers by Granderson either tied the game or gave the Mets a lead.

On a personal note, Granderson’s home run is one of my favorite memories. It’s not just because I got to see it at Citi Field, it with my father and brother, it’s because of how my son reacted at home:

The 2016 season didn’t go as smoothly for Granderson, but there he was again when the Mets needed him most.

As the Mets were scratching and clawing to get back to the postseason, Granderson hit .302/.414/.615 with four doubles, a triple, eight homers, and 21 RBI over the final month of the season.

Behind Granderson’s play and leadership, the Mets did return to the postseason. In the Wild Card Game, his amazing diving catch robbed Brandon Belt of a go-ahead sixth inning RBI extra-base hit. That catch kept hope alive.

Hope was something Mets fans were allowed to have once Granderson came to the Mets as a free agent in 2014.

The Mets had a plan to build around all this pitching with only Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler being the only ones to make their debut. The question was really who was going to play behind all this pitching.

As it turns out, Granderson was the first one to sign on to be a part of all of this. He was going to be the guy to join forces with the pitching and David Wright to win that World Series. And the Mets were so close too.

They were close because Granderson did whatever was asked of him. One minute he was a clean-up hitter, and the next, he was a lead-off hitter. He would play all three outfield positions. This year, he willingly moved into more of a fourth outfielder, which allowed the Mets to give Michael Conforto more playing time.

To that end, Conforto seemed moved by the trade. He spoke highly of Granderson, and he made specific mention about how Granderson helped all the young guys on the team. What Conforto was describing was a true leader.

That’s the same leader Lucas Duda talked about in his Player’s Tribune article. Specifically, he stated, “Then when Curtis came over, that just made everything even better.”  Duda went on to say, “I owe so much to Curtis and the other guys because they really helped me to grow up.”

The sheer mention of Duda should also elicit memories of the We Follow Lucas Duda Instagram account. The account was hilarious, and it always left fans smiling. That’s another area where the Mets will miss Granderson.

From the very minute he signed with the Mets, he endeared himself to the fans saying, ““A lot of the people that I have met in New York have always said that true New Yorkers are Mets fans, so I’m excited to get a chance to see them all.” (New York Post).

And Granderson really was excited to see Mets fans. If you’ve attended games, you see him doing more than any other player in baseball to interact with the fans. He took time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Occasionally, while in the on deck circle, he’d greet a fan or two.

Even before he packed his bags to head to LA to join the current World Series favorites, he took time to send a message to Mets fans:

In every sense of the word, Curtis Granderson is a class act. If anyone deserves the opportunity to win a World Series ring, it’s him. Here’s hoping he gets it.

Thank you for all that you were and for the ride. The entire Mets organization was better for you being here, and you will be sorely missed by the fans. Hopefully with you being a free agent, you find your way back to the Mets.

If not, hitting a grand slam in your final at-bat is quite a way to end your Mets career:

Good luck and thanks for the ride Curtis Granderson.

0 thoughts on “Good Luck and Thank You Curtis Granderson”

  1. Jimmybx says:

    Thanks grandy I hope u win a ring and tell Fred Wilpon to jump off a clip with his pos son

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The real shame is the Wilpons have a ring, and Grandy doesn’t

  2. Mets Until I Am Blue says:

    Greatest Role Model Ever!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Hard to argue with that

  3. Mets Until I Am Blue says:

    Mets reloading?
    I see it everywhere.
    He was traded for cash?
    Isn’t it the other way around with mate season deals?
    The Wilpons and Katz families not the best stock market investors really did great with these CASH transactions at the deadline.

    They give Sandy bullshit things to do,
    He, like Cashman is only one of dozens of people w drafting and player development.

    Sandy mostly alone ain’t enough!

    Sandy is wasting away here.

    He should have included himself in the trade.

  4. Mets Until I Am Blue says:

    I guess they are really seriously about relying on the starters for getting into the playoffs.

    Well, these guys were all impending FAs.

    Yet Addison Reed was young enough to lock up last November?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The plan worked previously. Given the construct of this team, it may make sense again

    2. metsdaddy says:

      It was good enough to get them there two straight years. If healthy, it will be good enough again

  5. Can't Believe The Standings - Surreal says:

    Why did the Yankee bullpen implidebin Boston?


    They did not know how dreadful the Mets really were.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It imploded because Chapman imploded

  6. Julian says:

    One of my favorite baseball players! I was saddened to hear about Granderson traded to the Dodgers. Not sure how I feel about Granderson playing alongside Chase Utley, but I know Granderson is a class act and will get along with any ball club. I think he’s been to the postseason about 6 times without earning a World Series ring, so I wish him the best of luck in the postseason.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Just think of it as Granderson playing alongside Turner, and you’ll feel better

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